Title 40 Part 1033 → Subpart A → §1033.10

Title 40 → Chapter I → Subchapter U → Part 1033 → Subpart A → §1033.10

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Title 40 Part 1033 → Subpart A → §1033.10

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Title 40Chapter ISubchapter UPart 1033Subpart A → §1033.10

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart A—Overview and Applicability

§1033.10   Organization of this part.

The regulations in this part 1033 contain provisions that affect locomotive manufacturers, remanufacturers, and others. However, the requirements of this part are generally addressed to the locomotive manufacturer/remanufacturer. The term “you” generally means the manufacturer/remanufacturer, as defined in §1033.901. This part 1033 is divided into the following subparts:

(a) Subpart A of this part defines the applicability of part 1033 and gives an overview of regulatory requirements.

(b) Subpart B of this part describes the emission standards and other requirements that must be met to certify locomotives under this part. Note that §1033.150 discusses certain interim requirements and compliance provisions that apply only for a limited time.

(c) Subpart C of this part describes how to apply for a certificate of conformity.

(d) Subpart D of this part describes general provisions for testing and auditing production locomotives.

(e) Subpart E of this part describes general provisions for testing in-use locomotives.

(f) Subpart F of this part and 40 CFR part 1065 describe how to test locomotives and engines.

(g) Subpart G of this part and 40 CFR part 1068 describe requirements, prohibitions, exemptions, and other provisions that apply to locomotive manufacturer/remanufacturers, owners, operators, and all others.

(h) Subpart H of this part describes how you may generate and use emission credits to certify your locomotives.

(i) Subpart I of this part describes provisions for locomotive owners and operators.

(j) Subpart J of this part contains definitions and other reference information.

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