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Title 40 Part 52 → Subpart R → §52.876

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Title 40Chapter ISubchapter CPart 52Subpart R → §52.876

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart R—Kansas

§52.876   Compliance schedules.

(a) The requirements of §51.260 and of §51.15(a)(2) of this chapter as of September 19, 1976 (40 FR 43216), are not met since the plan does not contain legally enforceable compliance schedules setting forth the dates by which all stationary sources or categories of such sources must be in compliance with applicable portions of the control strategy. Paragraphs C and D of Kansas Regulation 28-19-9 specify that all sources not in compliance must submit an acceptable compliance schedule within 120 days after receiving notification from the State. There are no assurances that all sources will be notified by the State in a timely manner, therefore, paragraphs C and D of Regulation 28-19-9 are disapproved.

(b) Federal compliance schedule. (1) Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this paragraph (b), the owner or operator of any stationary source subject to any emission regulation which is part of the approved plan shall be in compliance on or before January 31, 1974.

(i) Any owner or operator in compliance with any such applicable regulation on the effective date of this paragraph shall certify such compliance to the Administrator no later than December 31, 1972.

(ii) Any owner or operator who achieves compliance with any such applicable regulation after the effective date of this paragraph shall certify such compliance to the Administrator within 5 days of the date compliance is achieved.

(2) An owner or operator of a stationary source subject to any emission regulation approved by the Administrator may no later than December 31, 1972, submit to the Administrator for approval a proposed compliance schedule that demonstrates compliance with such regulation as expeditiously as practicable, but no later than July 31, 1975. The compliance schedule shall provide for periodic increments of progress toward compliance. The dates for achievement of such increments shall be specified. Increments of progress shall include, but not be limited to: Letting of necessary contracts for construction or process changes, if applicable; initiation of construction; completion and startup of control systems; performance tests; and submittal of performance test analysis and results.

(3) Any owner or operator who submits a compliance schedule pursuant to this paragraph shall, within 5 days after the deadline for each increment of progress, certify to the Administrator whether or not the required increment of the approved compliance schedule has been met.

(4) Any compliance schedule adopted by the State and approved by the Administrator shall satisfy the requirements of this paragraph for the affected source.

(c) State compliance schedules. (1) [Reserved]

(2) The compliance schedules identified below are disapproved as not meeting the requirements of §51.102 or subpart N of this chapter. All regulations cited are air pollution control regulations of the state, unless otherwise noted.


SourceLocationRegulation involvedDate adopted
Chanute Manufacturing Co., Inc.: sand blastingChanute28-19-50Dec. 14, 1973.
Kansas City Power & Light, coal transfer housesLaCygne28-19-50Nov. 22, 1974.
Pence Food Center, incineratorChanute28-19-40      Do.
Rodney Milling Co.:
“A” house gallery and tunnel systemTopeka28-19-50      Do.
“B” & “C” house gallery......do28-19-50      Do.
Western Alfalfa Corp., alfalfa dehydratorDeerfield28-19-20      Do.
      DoTice28-19-20      Do.
Pence Food Center, incineratorHumboldt28-19-40      Do.
Sherwin-Williams Chemicals, Ozark P.M. MillCoffeyville28-19-50BOct. 8, 1974.
Continental Grain Co., rail car loadingHutchinson28-19-50Aug. 15, 1974.
Far-Mar-Co, Inc., headhouse cyclonesTopeka28-19-50Sept. 5, 1974.
      DoHutchinson28-19-50Aug. 15, 1974.
Western Iron & Foundry, cupolaWichita28-19-20A, 28-19-50AOct. 4, 1974.
Kansas Army Ammunition Plant, open burningParsons28-19-45Jan. 24, 1975.
Reid Grain, headhouseGoodland28-19-50      Do.
Sherwin-Williams Chemicals, black ash kilnCoffeyville28-19-50A      Do.
Cooperative Farm Chemicals, No. 1 NH4 NO399-percent evaporator and prilling towerLawrence28-19-20Mar. 28, 1975.
Sherwin-Williams Chemical Co., ozide calciner exhaustCoffeyville28-19-50A      Do.
Kaw Dehydrating Co., alfalfa dehydratorLawrence28-19-20      Do.
Empire Dist. Electric Co.: Boilers Nos. 7 and 8Riverton28-19-31CMay 23, 1975.
Gulf Oil Chemicals Co.: Coal-fired boilerPittsburg28-19-31      Do.
Kansas City Power & Light: Main boilerLa Cygne28-19-31B      Do.
Mid-America Dairymen: Spray dryers Nos. 1 and 2Sabetha28-19-20      Do.
Tower Metal Products: Reverberatory furnace CFort Scott28-19-50A      Do.
U.S. Steel—Universal Atlas CementIndependence
Clay storage bin28-19-50A      Do.
Stone storage bin28-19-50A      Do.
Krupp Ball Mill No. 228-19-50A      Do.
Krupp Ball Mill No. 328-19-50A      Do.

[37 FR 19809, Sept. 22, 1972]

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