Title 40 Part 63 → Subpart PPPPP → §63.9360

Title 40 → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 63 → Subpart PPPPP → §63.9360

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Title 40 Part 63 → Subpart PPPPP → §63.9360

§63.9360   In what form and how long must I keep my records?

(a) You must maintain all applicable records in such a manner that they can be readily accessed and are suitable for inspection according to §63.10(b)(1).

(b) As specified in §63.10(b)(1), you must keep each records for 5 years following the date of each occurrence, measurement, maintenance, corrective action, report, or record.

(c) You must retain your records of the most recent 2 years on site, or your records must be accessible on site. Your records of the remaining 3 years may be retained off site.