Title 40 Part 63 → Subpart NNNNN → §63.9045

Title 40 → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 63 → Subpart NNNNN → §63.9045

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Title 40 Part 63 → Subpart NNNNN → §63.9045

§63.9045   What notifications must I submit and when?

(a) You must submit all of the notifications in §§63.7(b) and (c), 63.8(f)(4) and (6), and 63.9 (b) through (h) that apply to you by the dates specified.

(b) As specified in §63.9(b)(2), if you start up your affected source before April 17, 2003, you must submit an Initial Notification not later than 120 calendar days after April 17, 2003.

(c) As specified in §63.9(b)(4), if you start up your new or reconstructed affected source on or after April 17, 2003, you must submit the application for construction or reconstruction required by §63.9(b)(1)(iii) in lieu of the initial notification.

(d) You must submit a notification of intent to conduct a performance test at least 60 calendar days before the performance test is scheduled to begin, as required in §63.7(b)(1).

(e) [Reserved]

(f) You must submit the Notification of Compliance Status, including the performance test results, within 240 calendar days after the applicable compliance dates specified in §63.8995.

(g) The Notification of Compliance Status must also include the information in paragraphs (g)(1) through (2) of this section that applies to you.

(1) Each operating parameter value averaged over the full period of the performance test (for example, average pH).

(2) Each operating parameter range within which HAP emissions are reduced to the level corresponding to meeting the applicable emission limits in Table 1 to this subpart.

[68 FR 19090, Apr. 17, 2003, as amended at 71 FR 17745, Apr. 7, 2006]