Title 40 Part 63 → Subpart TTTTTT → §63.11470

Title 40 → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 63 → Subpart TTTTTT → §63.11470

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Title 40 Part 63 → Subpart TTTTTT → §63.11470

§63.11470   What are the recordkeeping requirements?

(a) You must keep the records specified in paragraphs (a)(1) and (2) of this section.

(1) As required in §63.10(b)(2)(xiv), you must keep a copy of each notification that you submitted to comply with this subpart and all documentation supporting any Initial Notification or Notification of Compliance Status that you submitted.

(2) You must keep the records of all inspection and monitoring data required by §§63.11467 and 63.11468, and the information identified in paragraphs (a)(2)(i) through (a)(2)(v) for each required inspection or monitoring.

(i) The date, place, and time;

(ii) Person conducting the activity;

(iii) Technique or method used;

(iv) Operating conditions during the activity; and

(v) Results.

(b) Your records must be in a form suitable and readily available for expeditious review, according to §63.10(b)(1).

(c) As specified in §63.10(b)(1), you must keep each record for 5 years following the date of each recorded action.

(d) You must keep each record onsite for at least 2 years after the date of each recorded action according to §63.10(b)(1). You may keep the records offsite for the remaining three years.

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