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Title 36 Part 1235 → Subpart B

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Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property

Subpart B—Administration of Transferred Records

§1235.30   How may records in the National Archives of the United States be used?

(a) NARA will enforce restrictions that are consistent with FOIA (5 U.S.C. 552(b) as amended) for both official use of the records by Federal agencies and research by the public.

(b) NARA regulations in Subchapter C of this chapter apply to Federal agency personnel using transferred records for official Government purposes, and to the public at large.

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§1235.32   How does NARA handle restrictions on transferred records?

(a) For records less than 30 years old. Unless required by law, NARA will remove or relax restrictions on transferred records less than 30 years old only with the written concurrence of the transferring agency or, if applicable, its successor agency. If the transferring agency no longer exists, and there is no successor, the Archivist may relax, remove, or impose restrictions to serve the public interest.

(b) For records more than 30 years old. (1) After records are more than 30 years old, most statutory and other restrictions on transferred records expire. NARA, however, after consulting with the transferring agency, may keep the restrictions in force for a longer period.

(2) See part 1256 of this chapter for restrictions on specific categories of records, including national security classified information and information that would invade the privacy of an individual that NARA restricts beyond 30 years.

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§1235.34   May NARA destroy transferred records?

NARA will not destroy records transferred to NARA's custody except:

(a) With the written concurrence of the agency or its successor, or

(b) As authorized on an SF 258.

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