Title 36 Part 1260 → Subpart C → §1260.34

Title 36 → Chapter XII → Subchapter D → Part 1260 → Subpart C → §1260.34

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Title 36 Part 1260 → Subpart C → §1260.34

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Title 36Chapter XIISubchapter DPart 1260Subpart C → §1260.34

Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property
Subpart C—The National Declassification Center (NDC)

§1260.34   What are the responsibilities of the NDC?

The NDC shall coordinate the following activities:

(a) Referrals, to include:

(1) Timely and appropriate processing of all referrals in accordance with section 3.3(d)(3) of Executive Order 13526; and

(2) The exchange among agencies of detailed declassification guidance to enable referrals as identified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section.

(b) General interagency declassification activities as necessary to fulfill the requirements of sections 3.3 and 3.4 of the Order;

(c) The development of effective, transparent, standard declassification work processes, training, and quality assurance measures;

(d) The development of solutions to declassifying information contained in electronic records and special media; and planning for solutions for declassifying information as new technologies emerge;

(e) The documentation and publication of declassification review decisions; and support of NDC declassification responsibilities by linking and using existing agency databases; and

(f) Storage, and related services, on a reimbursable basis, for Federal records containing classified national security information.