Title 36 Part 1254 → Subpart B → §1254.48

Title 36 → Chapter XII → Subchapter C → Part 1254 → Subpart B → §1254.48

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Title 36 Part 1254 → Subpart B → §1254.48

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Title 36Chapter XIISubchapter CPart 1254Subpart B → §1254.48

Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property
Subpart B—Research Room Rules

§1254.48   When does NARA revoke research privileges?

(a) Behaviors listed in paragraphs (a)(1) through (a)(4) of this section may result in NARA denying or revoking research privileges.

(1) Refusing to follow the rules and regulations of a NARA facility;

(2) Demonstrating by actions or language that you present a danger to documents or NARA property;

(3) Presenting a danger to other researchers, NARA or contractor employees, or volunteers; or

(4) Verbally or physically harassing or annoying other researchers, NARA or contractor employees, or volunteers.

(b) Denying or revoking research privileges means:

(1) We may deny or revoke your research privileges for up to 180 days;

(2) You lose research privileges at all NARA research rooms nationwide; and

(3) You lose your valid researcher identification card if you already have one.

(c) We notify all NARA facilities of the revocation of your research privileges.

(d) If we revoke your research privileges, we send you a written notice of the reasons for the revocation within 3 working days of the action.

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