Title 36 Part 1254 → Subpart B → §1254.42

Title 36 → Chapter XII → Subchapter C → Part 1254 → Subpart B → §1254.42

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Title 36 Part 1254 → Subpart B → §1254.42

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Title 36Chapter XIISubchapter CPart 1254Subpart B → §1254.42

Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property
Subpart B—Research Room Rules

§1254.42   What are the rules that apply to using self-service microfilm?

NARA makes available microfilm copies of many records on a self-service basis.

(a) When microfilm is available on a self-service basis, research room attendants assist you in identifying research sources on microfilm and provide information concerning how to locate and retrieve the roll(s) of film containing the information of interest. You are responsible for retrieving and examining the roll(s).

(b) Unless you require assistance in learning how to operate microfilm reading equipment or have a disability, we expect you to install the microfilm on the reader, rewind it when finished, remove it from the reader, and return it to the proper microfilm box. You must carefully remove from and return to the proper microfilm boxes rewound microfilm. You must take care when loading and unloading microfilm from microfilm readers. Report damaged microfilm to the research room attendant as soon you discover it.

(c) Unless we make an exception, you may use only one roll of microfilm at a time.

(d) After using each roll, you must return the roll of microfilm to the location from which you removed it, unless we otherwise instruct you.

(e) You should bring to the attention of the research room attendant any microfilm you find in the wrong box or file cabinet.