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Title 33 Part 162 → §162.125

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Title 33Chapter ISubchapter PPart 162 → §162.125

Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters

§162.125   Sturgeon Bay and the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal, Wisc.

(a) In the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal:

(1) No vessel may exceed 5 miles per hour.

(2) No vessel greater than 150 feet in length (including tug and tow combinations) may come about.

(3) No vessel 65 feet or greater in length (including tug and tow combinations) may either:

(i) Enter or pass through the canal two or more abreast; or

(ii) Overtake another vessel.

(4) No vessel may anchor or moor unless given permission to do so by the Captain of the Port.

(5) Each vessel must keep to the center, except when meeting or overtaking another vessel.

(b) In Sturgeon Bay and the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal:

(1) Each laden vessel under tow must be towed with at least two towlines. Each towline must be shortened to the extent necessary to provide maximum control of the tow.

(2) Each unladen vessel may be towed with one towline.

(3) No towline may exceed 100 feet in length.

(4) No vessel may tow another vessel alongside.

(5) No vessel may tow a raft greater than 50 feet in width.

Note: The Corps of Engineers also has regulations dealing with these areas in 33 CFR Part 207.

[CGD 79-151, 46 FR 7960, Jan. 26, 1981]

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