Title 33 Part 66 → Subpart 66.01 → §66.01-40

Title 33 → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 66 → Subpart 66.01 → §66.01-40

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Title 33 Part 66 → Subpart 66.01 → §66.01-40

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Title 33Chapter ISubchapter CPart 66Subpart 66.01 → §66.01-40

Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters
Subpart 66.01—Aids to Navigation Other Than Federal or State

§66.01-40   Exemptions.

(a) Nothing in the preceding sections of this subpart shall be construed to interfere with or nullify the requirements of existing laws and regulations pertaining to the marking of structures, vessels and other obstructions sunken in waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States (Part 64 of this subchapter), the marking of artificial islands and structures which are erected on or over the seabed and subsoil of the Outer Continental Shelf (Part 67 of this subchapter), or the lighting of bridges over navigable waters of the United States (Subchapter J of this subchapter).

(b) Persons marking bridges pursuant to Subchapter J of this title are exempted from the provisions of §66.01-5.

[CGD 78-156, 48 FR 11268, Mar. 17, 1983]

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