Title 33 Part 66 → Subpart 66.01 → §66.01-15

Title 33 → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 66 → Subpart 66.01 → §66.01-15

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Title 33 Part 66 → Subpart 66.01 → §66.01-15

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Title 33Chapter ISubchapter CPart 66Subpart 66.01 → §66.01-15

Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters
Subpart 66.01—Aids to Navigation Other Than Federal or State

§66.01-15   Action by Coast Guard.

(a) The District Commander receiving the application will review it for completeness and will assign the aid one of the following classifications:

Class I: Aids to navigation on marine structures or other works which the owners are legally obligated to establish, maintain and operate as prescribed by the Coast Guard.

Class II: Aids to navigation exclusive of Class I located in waters used by general navigation.

Class III: Aids to navigation exclusive of Class I located in waters not ordinarily used by general navigation.

(b) Upon approval by the District Commander, a signed copy of the application will be returned to the applicant. Approval for the operation of radar beacons (racons) will be effective for an initial two year period, then subject to annual review without further submission required of the owner.

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