Title 32 Part 776 → Subpart D → §776.92

Title 32 → Subtitle A → Chapter VI → Subchapter G → Part 776 → Subpart D → §776.92

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Title 32 Part 776 → Subpart D → §776.92

§776.92   Action.

(a) Covered USG attorneys, who contemplate engaging in the outside practice of law, including while on terminal leave, must first obtain approval from the JAG. Requests should be forwarded in the form prescribed in appendix to subpart D of part 776 to OJAG (Code 05), JAG (Code 13), or JAR, as appropriate, via the attorney's chain of command.

(b) The requesting attorney's commanding officer may:

(1) Disapprove and return the request if he or she perceives actual or apparent conflicts of interests;

(2) Recommend disapproval of the request and forward it, along with his or her rationale for such a recommendation; or

(3) Forward the request recommending approval and providing such other information as may be relevant.

(c) The JAG will review the request and advise applicants in writing of the decision, and of any conditions and limitations under which a particular practice may be undertaken. Until permission is granted, applicants will not commence any outside law practice.