Title 32 Part 776 → Subpart C → §776.77

Title 32 → Subtitle A → Chapter VI → Subchapter G → Part 776 → Subpart C → §776.77

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Title 32 Part 776 → Subpart C → §776.77

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Title 32Subtitle AChapter VISubchapter GPart 776Subpart C → §776.77

Title 32: National Defense
Subpart C—Complaint Processing Procedures

§776.77   Related investigations and actions.

Acts or omissions by covered attorneys may constitute professional misconduct, criminal misconduct, poor performance of duty, or a combination of all three. Care must be taken to characterize appropriately the nature of a covered attorney's conduct to determine who may and properly should take official action.

(a) Questions of legal ethics and professional misconduct by covered attorneys are within the exclusive province of the JAG. Ethical or professional misconduct will not be attributed to any covered attorney in any official record without a final JAG determination, made in accordance with this part that such misconduct has occurred.

(b) Criminal misconduct is properly addressed by the covered USG attorney's commander through the disciplinary process provided under the UCMJ and implementing regulations, or through referral to appropriate civil authority.

(c) Poor performance of duty is properly addressed by the covered USG attorney's reporting senior through a variety of administrative actions, including documentation in fitness reports or employee appraisals.

(d) Prior JAG approval is not required to investigate allegations of criminal conduct or poor performance of duty involving covered attorneys. When, however, investigations into criminal conduct or poor performance reveal conduct that constitutes a violation of this part or of the Code of Judicial Conduct in the case of judges, such conduct shall be reported to the Rules Counsel immediately.

(e) Generally, professional responsibility complaints will be processed in accordance with this part upon receipt. Rules Counsel may, however, on a case-by-case basis, delay such processing to await the outcome of pending related criminal, administrative, or investigative proceedings.

(f) Nothing in this part prevents a military judge or other appropriate official from removing a covered attorney from acting in a particular court-martial or prevents the JAG, the SJA to CMC, or the appropriate official from reassigning a covered attorney to different duties prior to, during, or subsequent to proceedings conducted under the provision of this part.