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Title 32 Part 623 → §623.7

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Title 32Subtitle AChapter VSubchapter HPart 623 → §623.7

Title 32: National Defense

§623.7   Reports.

(a) General. Reports of Army materiel loaned to non-DOD activities must be forwarded as described below.

(b) Aircraft piracy. (1) Commands and agencies providing aircraft piracy support will initially report through command channels by telephone to the HQDA, (DAMO-ODS). (Para 4, app B.) Confirmation will be made by electrically transmitted message to HQDA, ATTN: DAMO-ODS. These reports are exempt from reports control under Army Regulation 335-15. Initial reports will include all available details. Following is a guide for content of reports.

(i) Supporting unit.

(ii) Home station of supporting unit.

(iii) Support provided and duration of requirement.

(iv) Changes, if any, in support requested or duration of requirement as made by the Federal civil official in charge.

(v) Additional remarks.

(2) A final report noting termination of support will be made.

(c) Civilian rifle clubs and schools. (1) Each affiliated club and institution (schools) must file an annual report (DA Form 1277, Annual Statistical Report of Civilian Rifle Club) on the anniversary date of the loan with the DCM.

(2) A roster of club members will list each member required to fire annually. It will include the full name, address, and age; the DCM course; score; and the date the member fired for record.

(3) A description of the club's procedures and facilities for safekeeping arms and ammunition will be appended to the roster of club members.

(d) Civil disturbances. (1) Requests to meet civil disturbances are of two types:

(i) Type I—Requests to meet an urgent need during an actual disorder.

(ii) Type II—Requests in anticipation of an imminent civil disorder.

(2) Approving authorities, other than the Secretary of the Army, will prepare reports (RCS DD-A(AR)1112) on all requests for loan of Army materiel to support civil disturbances. The reports will be sent within 2 working days after receipt of the request. They will be prepared in the format shown in Army Regulation 500-60. They will also serve as “the request” when no other written request is available.

(3) The reports will be sent to the (HQDA (DAMO-ODS)). When reports are received from unified or specified commands, ODCSOPS will send an information copy to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) National Military Command Center (NMCC).

(4) The Secretary of the Army will send information copies of civil disorder reports to the DOD General Counsel and the US Deputy Attorney General.

(5) Reports of civil disturbance operation costs (RCS DD-A(AR)1112) also will be prepared as shown in Army Regulation 500-60.

(e) Disaster assistance. When Army materiel is loaned in support of disaster assistance, CONUS Army Commanding Generals and UCOM CINCs will send reports as follows:

(1) Initial reports. Initial reports will be made by telephone to the Commanding General, FORSCOM (AUTOVON 588-3912), who will, in turn, telephone the report to the Military Support Division, ODCSOPS, AUTOVON 225-2003 or 7045). This will be followed within 12 hours by a Tempest Rapid Materiel Report in message form and sent electrically. The message report will be prepared according to Army Regulation 500-60.

(2) Daily message reports. Tempest Rapid Daily Materiel Reports of Army materiel loaned to support disaster relief will also be sent by electrically transmitted message. The reports will cover the 24-hour period from 0601Z to 0600Z. The reports must arrive at the HQDA (DAMO-ODS), no later than 1100Z the same day. Daily reports will be sent according to the format in Army Regulation 500-60 except that part III will not be included. Also, “no change reports” may be made by telephone. On the day of the last daily message report include the words FINAL DAILY REPORT in the subject line.

(3) Final reports. In addition to the final Tempest Rapid Daily Materiel Report, a final report on military assistance provided will be sent within 45 working days of termination of disaster assistance. The CONUS Army Commanding General will send the report by 1st Class Mail through the Commanding General, FORSCOM, to the HQDA (DAMO-ODS). The final report will include—

(i) An historic account of the disaster.

(ii) Cumulative totals of support given.

(iii) A statement of accomplishments.

(iv) Actual or estimated expenses excluding costs incurred by the Corps of Engineers under Pub. L. 84-99. Costs will be reported by Service by appropriation, using three columns to identify normal costs, incremental costs, and total costs.

(v) The status of reimbursements requested from borrowing Federal agencies, and civilian authorities and activities. If reimbursement has not been completed by the date of the final report, a separate cost report will be sent upon final reimbursement payment.

(vi) Lessons learned.

(4) Information copies. Information copies of all reports will be sent to the proper HUD Regional Directors for FDAA and DCPA Regional Offices.

(5) Additional information. Additional information may be needed by Federal officials. Normally, such requests will be telephoned by ODC SOPS Military Support Division to the Commanding General, FORSCOM.

(6) Pollution spills. The Commanding General, FORSCOM, will report committal of Army resources to the HQDA (DAMO-ODS), by the fastest means. Daily and final Tempest Rapid Materiel Reports will be sent with “not applicable” shown in paragraphs 8, 9, and 10 of the report.

(f) Drugs and Narcotics Interdiction Program. (1) Army staff agencies will submit monthly status reports of actions that support this program. The reports will be as of the last day of June and December, respectively. Reports will be sent to HQDA (DAMO-ODS), 4 working days after the end of the designated months. Reports will summarize all support during the period to include pending or terminated support plus estimated cost of items.

(2) Based on information received in these reports, ODCSOPS will prepare a report of the drug and narcotics interdiction assistance given by the Army. This report will be sent through the Army Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Army.

(g) United States Secret Service (USSS). Army commands and agencies providing materiel support (routine or urgent) to the USSS will report any significant problems or deviation from the approved request at once. Reports will be telephoned through command channels.

(h) Other reports. Active Army accountable property officers will make semiannual reports on open loans. The reports will be prepared as of the last day of July and December. They will be sent by the 15th day of the following month. These reports will include the items on loan, quantity, dollar value, and duration of the loans. The reports will be sent to the approving authority.