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Title 32: National Defense

§623.4   Accounting procedures.

(a) Loan document format. (1) When the lending accountable property officer receives copies of the loan request, loan agreement, surety bond (if required), and written loan authorization from the approving authority, the loan request will be converted to Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures requisition formal (DD Form 1348) as follows: (NOTE: In emergencies, authorization may be made by telephone. The format request, agreement, bond, and authorization will follow. Informal records should be also maintained.)

Card columnsCode or data
4-6RIC of NICP (lender).
7Media and status code.
8-22National stock number.
23-24Unit of issue.
30-43Document number.
(30-35)DODAAC of the requisitioner, if applicable, otherwise DODAAC of accountable property officer (lender).
(36-39)Julian date.
(40-43)Serial number.
44“N” for nonrecurring demand.
45-50Supplemental address (loanee DODAAC) for DOD units. For non-DOD activities enter the shipping destination.
(46-49)Julian date of receipt of loan request.
(50)Alphabetic (except I or O) indicating which loan of the day is first; e.g., A-first, B-second, etc.
52-53“G4” for loans to nonresearch and development activities. “G6” for loans to research and development activities.
57-59Project code if applicable. Note: This will be the same for all loans. Project codes will be assigned by Chief, Logistic Systems Support Activity, ATTN: DRXLS-LCC, Chambersburg, PA 17201. It will be sent by message to all interested addresses.
67-69Depot RIC.
70Purpose code.
71Condition code.
72Management code.

(2) Loaned property will be kept on the accountable records of the owning property account. The entry showing the quantities loaned will be supported by DD Form 1348-1 (receipt document), and copies of the loan agreement and surety bond (if required). The receipt document must be signed by the responsible official of the borrowing activity. It is then returned to the accountable property officer as a valid hand receipt for property accounting purposes.

(3) Loans will be processed by accountable property officers according to normal supply procedures except as modified by this regulation.

(4) Accountable property officers will keep loan files with enough documentation to provide an audit trail for loan transactions and a single source of accounting and billing for reimbursement. No separate property book accounts will be set up for these loans. Items, with dates shipped, will be identified by use of “loan control numbers” in loan jacket files and in supporting documentation. The files will include copies of—

(i) The loan request. If the request was made by telephone (urgent), a copy of the Memorandum for Record prepared to summarize the call will be used.

(ii) The loan agreement.

(iii) The surety bond (with cash, certified check, US treasury bonds, or adequate bond from a bonding company).

(iv) The approving authorization to make the loan.

(v) DD Form 1348-1 used for shipping the items.

(vi) A master loan register with the loan control number and shipping document number.

(b) Shipment of loaned materiel. (1) Loaned Army materiel will be shipped only to the chief of the borrowing activity or to a designee authorized to receive and sign for the materiel. To keep the materiel out of unauthorized hands, consignees (receivers) will be advised of the items and quantities to be loaned; the source of supply; whether the items are to be picked up or shipped; and of shipments made.

(2) All shipments of loaned equipment will be documented on DOD single line item “release or receipt” document (DD Form 1348-1). These will be initiated by the lending accountable property officer. Packing, crating, handling, estimated transportation costs, and serial numbers (if applicable) of items shipped will be shown on all copies. The consignee will be given advance copies of the DD Form 1348-1 as notice of shipment, and a list of DD Form 1348-1 document numbers. For loans to non-DOD activities two copies of the certificate below will be prepared by the accountable property officer (see fig. 1). It will accompany the DD Forms 1348-1.

“I certify receipt of and assume responsibility for the Army materiel listed on DD Form 1348-1. Control numbers on DD Form 1348-1 follow. The items were received in good condition except as noted on the DD Form 1348-1. Serial numbers have been verified (omit if not applicable).”


Signature of responsible officer


Typed name of responsible officer


Address of responsible officer


Date certificate was signed

Figure 1. Sample receipt certificate

(3) One copy of each signed DD Form 1348-1 (for non-DOD activities, one copy of the signed certificate) will be returned to the accountable property officer. Also, one copy of each will be kept in the borrower's file.

(4) The installation or depot transportation officer is responsible for coordinating movement of the items that must be shipped.

(5) Shipments, including those to foreign countries, will be made on commercial bills of lading (CBL). Freight charges will be paid by the borrower. The CBL will cite proper project codes. NOTE: In emergencies where use of CBL would delay shipment, government bills of lading (GBL) may be used subject to later reimbursement. Shipments to Boy Scout World Jamborees in foreign countries will be by GBL unless otherwise specified by the Boy Scouts.

(6) Shipments will be consolidated to the maximum to get the lowest charges available.

(7) Separate shipping instructions will be provided for each recipient, convention, jamboree, etc., to ensure correct consignee and railhead addresses.

(8) Transportation will be at no expense to the government. The Defense Transportation Services (Military Sealift Command, Military Airlift Command, and Military Traffic Management Command) will send all billings for such transportation costs to the US Army Finance and Accounting Center (USAFAC). The USAFAC will then bill the fiscal station servicing the accountable property office that made the loan. This fiscal station will then bill the borrower for these transportation costs. Army materiel loaned to non-DOD activities is not authorized for oversea movement on a space available basis by MSC or MAC without their prior approval.

(c) Receipt of borrowed property. (1) The person authorized to receive the materiel (whether shipped or picked up) will check the quantities received against the quantities shown on the DD Form 1348-1. This person will also verify the condition of the materiel. Any variation in quantity or condition must be resolved at once. If the shortage or damage is not due to a common carrier, the borrower will give the accountable property officer the National Stock Number, document number, and an explanation of the variation at once. This establishes a basis for assessing charges on termination of the loan. Replacement shipments, when required, will be covered by a DD Form 1348-1. All variations will be noted on the reverse side of the bill of lading.

(2) When a DD Form 1348-1 has not been received by the borrower and does not accompany the shipment, an informal report will be made to the accountable property officer at once. It will include the nomenclature, quantities, condition, and if applicable, the model numbers and serial number of all material received.

(3) When shipment has been verified, the borrower (or designee) will enter the quantity received on two copies of the DD Form 1348-1. Serial numbers will also be entered for serial numbered items. The completed copies of the DD Form 1348-1 will be signed by the authorized person. One copy of the DD Form 1348-1 and one copy of the signed certificate (receipt of the materiel) will be returned to the accountable property officer.

(4) If shipments are received damaged or short, take action described in §623.4(g).

(d) Accounting by borrower. Non-DOD borrowing activities should maintain a system of jacket files. This should include copies of all documents that authorize the loan of materiel and relate to loan transactions. Such files will insure return of materiel within the approved loan period. Files should be retained for audit or any other purpose as required. These files may be destroyed upon turn in of the borrowed materiel, final completion of accounting, and reimbursement for Army costs related to the loan. DOD borrowers will conform to the requirements contained in existing regulations.

(e) Return of borrowed materiel—(1) General. (i) Borrowed materiel will be returned to the Army in the condition received, less fair wear and tear, unless the terms of agreement specify otherwise.

(ii) Property for which repair cost is claimed will be held at the Army depot or installation until final charges are determined and a release is given by respective property officers.

(iii) Return of materiel loaned to rifle clubs and schools will conform with §623.5.

(2) Accountable property officer actions. (i) At the end of a loan period, recall, or upon notice by the borrower that the loaned materiel is no longer needed, the accountable property officer will send a letter of instruction to the borrower for return of the materiel. He will verify or modify the turn-in instructions provided in the loan agreement.

(ii) These procedures will be used by accountable property officers to terminate loans:

(A) For loans up to 30 days no specific termination action is necessary except when materiel is not returned by the loan due date. Then, a written loan termination notice will be sent to the borrower. A follow-up notice will be sent every 15 days until the materiel is returned or other settlement is made.

(B) For all other loans 15 days before the loan is due, a loan termination notice will be sent by the lending activity to the borrower verifying (or modifying) the turn-in instructions.

(C) Follow-up of loan termination notice will be made every 15 days until the materiel is returned or other settlement is made.

(iii) After receiving inspection reports (§623.4(e)(3)) and final shipment receipts, the accountable property officer will clear the loan records.

(iv) The accountable property officer will then advise the borrower of the transaction completion by furnishing receipted copies of the receiving document(s).

(v) The accountable property officer will notify the servicing finance and accounting office (FAO) of any reimbursement required.

(3) Actions by the receiving installation, depot, or arsenal. (i) The installation, depot, or arsenal receiving activities will inspect returned materiel.

(A) If the quantity received differs from the quantity shipped, the actual quantity received will be entered on the DD Form 1348-1.

(B) If the condition of the property differs from that noted on the DD Form 1348-1, the variation will be stated.

(ii) Loaned materiel returned in an unserviceable condition will be inspected by qualified technical inspectors at installation level and by quality assurance activities at depots to determine condition code.

(A) If the condition of returned materiel is the same as noted on the receipt document or the prepositioned materiel receipt card, the item will be processed as a normal receipt.

(B) If there is a discrepancy in the actual condition of the item or in the assigned code on the receipt document, obtain an estimate of repair cost and continue normal receipt documentation processing.

(C) The receiving depot or installation will prepare an Inspection and Surveillance Report for each returned item that needs repair. Cards will also be prepared for shortages. The cards will include the cost of equipment repair or the value of shortage. A minimum of two copies of each report will be sent to the proper acountable property officer.

(f) Loan inventories. (1) If a loan has been approved or extended (by the SA) for a period longer than 1 year, the accountable property officer will inspect and reconcile loan accounts with the borrower at the end of each 12-month period.

(2) If no discrepancies are noted, the accountable property officer will file the signed annual inventory form in the borrower's memorandum receipt jacket file.

(3) If the inventory shows that amounts and kinds of Army materiel for which the borrower is responsible differ from that actually in his possession, the accountable property officer will—

(i) For overages, assume accountability for the overages noted on the annual inventory form. Use a copy of the annual inventory form as a debit voucher to the account. No approval of this voucher is needed.

(ii) For shortages, act to obtain reimbursement for the value of the missing property or to adjust the discrepancy by report of survey.

(g) Lost, damaged, and destroyed materiel. (1) When loss or damage occurs during shipment, DOD and Federal agencies will refer to AR 55-38 for specific instructions.

(2) Damage or loss which is the fault of the carrier will be billed to the carrier after reconciliation.

(3) Army materiel lost, damaged, or destroyed while in the possession of rifle clubs or schools will be handled as described in §623.5.

(4) Any Army materiel loaned at the request of an FDAA Regional Director which is not returned according to instructions in this chapter will be reported to the borrower and to the FDAA Regional Director. The latter will arrange for proper reconciliation and reimbursement.