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Title 32 Part 623 → §623.3

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Title 32: National Defense

§623.3   Submission of requests for loan of Army materiel.

(a) General. (1) Loan requests will be expedited according to the situation's urgency. A situation may be so serious that waiting for instructions or approval from a higher authority is unwarranted. Commanders will then take action as required to save human life, prevent human suffering, or reduce property damage or destruction. (See §623.2(b)(1).) Such emergency actions will be reported at once to higher authority according to §623.7.

(2) Requests to the US Army for loan, or loan extension, will be promptly sent by the Army element that received the request through channels to the approving authority shown in table 2-1 or as specified in appropriate regulations.

(3) Loan requests will be made by the head of the Federal agency, civil authority, or civilian activity desiring the materiel. An exception is that requests from the Federal Disaster Assistance Administration (FDAA) will normally be initiated by an FDAA regional director rather than by the administrator. The requests should be made directly to the approving authorities shown in table 2-1.

(b) The Army National Guard (ARNG). Loan requests for property belonging to ARNG will be made under National Guard Regulation 735-12. (See para 5, table 2-1.)

(c) General procedures—(1) DOD activities. DOD activities will borrow Army materiel as follows:

(i) Requests will be made in writing citing—

(A) Detailed justification for loan to include urgency of need.

(B) Duration of loan.

(C) Funds to defray transportation and handling.

(D) Serviceability requirements.

(ii) Approving authority involved will—

(A) Forward a loan agreement to requester. Loan agreements within DOD will often consist of letter requests, approving endorsements, and materiel issue document (DD 1348-1) transferring temporary accountability. Between units and activities, a hand receipt may be used as the loan agreement.

(B) Furnish positive identification of item to be loaned.

(C) Provide instructions for delivery of equipment.

(iii) DOD recipient of loaned Army materiel will—

(A) Forward accepted loan agreement to approving authority (all actions can be accomplished by electrically transmitted messages).

(B) Provide geographic location of equipment and specific activity that is responsible for care and preservation of loaned equipment.

(C) Return equipment to Army in condition received with normal allowance for fair wear and tear.

(2) Non-DOD activities. Non-DOD activities, including Federal agencies will request loan of Army materiel as follows:

(i) Non-DOD activities, and agencies, will send routine requests by letter 45 days before the materiel is required. Federal agencies may use Standard Form 344 (Multiuse Standard Requisitioning/Issue System Document). Requests will include the following:

(A) The DA approving authority. See table 2-1.

(B) Date request is submitted.

(C) Title of requesting agency and/or person authorized to receive or pick up the borrowed materiel. Be specific; e.g., Special Agent in Charge John Doe, FBI, Anytown, USA, (telephone number with area code) 123-456-7890.

(D) Type of loan; e.g., Boy Scout National Jamboree, American Legion Convention, etc. (with a short summary of circumstances).

(E) Statement that none of the requested materiel is internally available to the requesting activity.

(F) Statement that this support is not reasonably available from local government or commercial sources.

(G) Authority for the loan (if known); e.g., public law, US code, executive order, etc. See table 2-1.

(H) Positive identification of the type and quantity of items required. If national stock numbers and nomenclature are not available, identify the items needed by type, model, size, capacity, caliber, etc.

(I) Geographic location where the materiel will be located and used.

(J) Proposed duration of the loan.

(K) Statement that the agency has, or will ensure capability to properly operate, maintain, secure, and care for the borrowed materiel.

(L) If firearms are requested, a statement that adequate facilities are available to secure the arms. See §623.5(a)(4).

(M) A statement that the borrowing activity will assume all responsibilities, liabilities, and costs related to the movement, use, care, security, loss, damage, and repair of the loaned materiel.

(N) Citation of funds to cover reimbursable costs. Also, a statement that an adequate bond will be provided, if required.

(O) A statement that the loan agreement prepared by the Army will be signed by the “responsible official” of the borrowing activity (or designee).

(P) Name, address, and telephone number of the person who will serve as the point of contact for the requesting agency, authority, or activity.

(Q) Complete instructions for delivery of the equipment to ensure that shipping instructions in the request are consistent with the urgency of the situation. State whether a small quantity shipped by air, express, or other fast means will satisfy immediate needs until bulk shipments can arrive. Also state quantity immediately required.

(R) If applicable, the number of persons to be accommodated.

(ii) Urgent requests may be made to meet expected or actual emergencies. Such requests may be made by telephone or by electrically transmitted message. Include information required in paragraphs (c)(2)(i) (A) through (R) of this section to the extent possible. The request will be presented to the approving authority. The borrower will then send a complete written request to formalize the emergency request.

(iii) If approval of the loan is granted, approving authorities will contact accountable property officers at CONUS installations (equivalent level overseas), or MRC item managers to determine which items are available. Installation requests to MRCs will state that the installation resources could not meet the loan requirements. Availability decisions will be based on normal management criteria including past and anticipated demand, asset balances, order-ship time, repair rate and repair cycles, and procurement schedules. If requested items are available and approved for issue, the approving authority (or designee) will—

(A) Negotiate and agreement;

(B) Obtain surety bond from the borrower when required;

(C) Provide reproduced copies of the signed documents to the appropriate accountable property office along with authorization to make the loan.

(iv) Approving authorities will maintain a system of numerical control for all loans. The accountable property officer will enter this number on all transaction documents related to each specific loan to include requisition, issue, shipping, turn-in, and financial documents.

(3) The US Secret Service (USSS). (i) Army regulation 1-4 provides policies and procedures for Army support to the Secret Service. Support will be provided only on the request of the Director, United States Secret Service or his authorized representative. It will be provided only to assist the United State Secret Service in performance of its statutory protective functions.

(ii) Routine requests are sent by the United States Secret Service direct to the Office of the Special Assistant to the SECDEF for approval. Approved requests involving Army resources are tasked through HQDA (DAMO-ODS) to the proper command. Approved requests for resources of other Services are tasked direct to the proper Service.

(iii) Approved requests for resources to be used in oversea areas (regardless of Service) will be passed from the Office of the Special Assistant to the SECDEF to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) for tasking of the proper unified command.

(iv) In urgent situations, the United States Secret Service may request military resources from the nearest military commander who is authorized to take action consistent with the urgency. As soon as possible, they will seek guidance/approval through command channels to the approval authority (Spec Asst to the SECDEF).

(4) Drug and narcotics interdiction activities. All non-DOD Federal agencies requesting DOD resource in support of drug or narcotics interdiction activities should send requests through their headquarters to DOD, ATTN: Deputy Assistant SECDEF (Program Management), WASH DC 20314. Concurrently, information pertaining to the request should be sent to HQDA (DAMO-ODS) (para 4, app B), or relayed by telephone (AUTOVON 225-2003 or the Army Operations Center 851-1800 during nonduty hours). The Deputy Assistant SECDEF will pass approved request to HQDA (DAMO-ODS), through the Office, Under Secretary of the Army, for determination of availability and readiness impact. If approved by the Under Secretary of the Army, ODCSOPS (DAMO-ODS) will task the proper MACOM to provide support. Requests for extension or changes to agreements will be processed as noted in tables 2-1, 2-2 and paragraph (a)(2) of this section.

(5) The Federal Bureau of Investigation. (i) Requests for aircraft piracy assistance, received from Federal authorities by Army field commands or activities, will be forwarded through command channels by telephone (confirmed by electrically transmitted message) to the Military Support Division, ODCSOPS (DAMO-ODS), AUTOVON 255-3848/7433/2003 (WATS 202-695-2003). These requests will be approved by the DOD General Counsel (or designee).

(ii) The requests will then be sent to the National Military Command Center (NMCC). It will coordinate between the lending accountable property officer and the borrower.

(iii) In urgent cases, the Deputy Director for Operations, NMCC, may approve requests upon his or her own responsibility. This is subject to a later report to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the DOD General Counsel.

(iv) Approved requirements will be passed to the Secretary of the Army by telephone and confirmed by electrically transmitted message. The Secretary of the Army will then assign the requirement to the proper command (or staff agency) which will contact the designated Federal civil official and confirm the details of the request. Modification of the requirement to better perform the mission is authorized if the Federal official agrees.

(6) Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA), US Coast Guard (USCG), or National Response Team (NRT). Non-DOD Federal agency requests for loan of materiel to combat oil and hazardous substance pollution spills will be made directly to the Commanding General, FORSCOM. Requests will be made by an “On Scene Coordinator” (OSC) of the EPA, or by the USCG acting for the Department of Transportation. The pollution spill NRT may also initiate requests. Approval authority is shown in table 2-1.

(d) Civil authorities. Loans of materiel to civil authorities for use during civil disturbances and disasters will be made as follows:

(1) Civil disturbances. Requests for Army materiel in anticipation of (or during) civil disturbances will be promptly sent through command channels to the approving authority (UCOM commanders will coordinate requests originating from areas outside CONUS) as follows:

(i) Requests for resources that require Secretary of the Army approval will be sent through channels to HQDA (DAMO-ODS) (para 4, app B).

(ii) Requests for group three resources (§623.2(a)(5)) that are not available to commanders having the approval authority will be sent through channels to HQDA (DAMO-ODS). Intermediate commands may approve and make available the requested resources.

(iii) Requests received by other DOD agencies will be referred to local Army installation commanders for processing.

(2) Disaster relief. Requests for loan of materiel to support disaster relief will be handled as follows:

(i) Valid requests for disaster relief assistance (see §623.2(a)(4) for decisionmaking process) will be given to the DOD liaison (a military officer) assigned to the disaster; or forwarded to the CONUS Army commander in which the disaster occurs. (See appendix G.) If no Federal Disaster Assistance Administration (FDAA) official (HUD Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO)) is present at the disaster scene, requests may be received from the Red Cross.

(ii) HUD Regional Directors for FDAA, or FCOs, will send requests for loan of materiel to the Commanding General, FORSCOM, or to the proper CONUS Army commander. (Requests for Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (DCPA) resources will be sent to DCPA regional offices.)

(e) Civilian activities—(1) Veterans' Organizations. Loan requests by authorized veterans' organizations (as listed in VA Bulletin 23A) will be sent to the commander of the CONUS Army area (or Commander, MDW), for the area where the materiel will be required. (See appendix G.)

(2) Scouting loans. National and regional scout executives will send requests (restricted to DOD support of national and world jamborees) according to chapter 7, AR 725-1. (See §621.4 of this title.)

(3) Loans/Leases under the provisions of Title 10 U.S.C. 2667. Requests for loans from other civil activities and organizations may come into the DOD through various channels; e.g., telephone call to local installation commander, letter to Congressmen, or directly to the Secretary of Defense or Army. Each request will be forwarded to the authority having the item and having the authority to approve the request. (See appendix B and table 2-1.) In cases where approval is questionable, the request may be submitted through channels to HQDA (DALO-SMD) WASH DC 20310 (para 2, app B) recommending approval/disapproval action.

(f) Loans to the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, and Australia. All requests for loans (restricted to materiel for use in the “Standardization Program”) to the UK, Canada, or Australia will be sent to Commander, DARCOM, ATTN DRC-IRD for approval. AR 795-204 addresses loans to other allied governments. (See DOD Military Assistance and Sales Manual, DOD 5105.38-M.)

(g) Special materiel requests—(1) Loan of Communications Security (COMSEC) Equipment. Subject to provisions of this regulation, requests for loan of COMSEC equipment will be sent to the Commander, US Army Communications Security Logistics Agency (para 24, app B) for approval, loan action, and establishment of loan records. All loans of Army COMSEC equipment to civilian authorities or activities will be according to Technical Bulletin 380-41. Standard Form 153 will be annotated to show purpose of the loan, expected date of return, and authority for the loan. A copy will be sent to the Director, National Security Agency (NSA), ATTN: S3, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755.

(2) Loan of arms and accouterments. Requests for loan of arms and accouterments will be sent by requesting agencies directly to the Secretary of the Army, Military Support Division, HQDA (DAMO-ODS) (para 4, app B). Requests received out of this channel will be returned to the originator for resubmission. The Secretary of the Army (or designee) is the approval authority. See §623.5 for procedures.

(3) War reserves and operational project stocks. Regulatory guidance with respect to loan of war reserves and operational project stocks to DOD organizations is found in chapter 8, AR 710-1. Loans of war reserves and operational project stocks to non-DOD activities will be according to this regulation and must be approved by HQDA (DALO-SMW) (para 3, app B).

(4) Loan of historical property and art. Requests for loans of Army historical property and military art will be sent to the Commander, US Army Center of Military History (para 4, app B). Specific information on such loans is found in AR 870-15 and AR 870-20.