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Title 32 → Subtitle A → Chapter I → Subchapter M → Part 203 → §203.18

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Title 32 Part 203 → §203.18

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Title 32Subtitle AChapter ISubchapter MPart 203 → §203.18

Title 32: National Defense

§203.18   Conflict of interest and disclosure requirements.

The Department of Defense shall require each prospective assistance provider on any contract to provide, with its bid or proposal:

(a) Information on its financial and business relationship with the installation, RAB/TRC members, or any/all potentially responsible parties (PRPs) at the site, and with their parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, subcontractors, contractors, and current clients or attorneys and agents. This disclosure requirement encompasses past and anticipated financial and business relationships, including services related to any proposed or pending litigation, with such parties.

(b) Certification that, to the best of its knowledge and belief, it has disclosed such information or no such information exists.

(c) A statement that it shall disclose immediately any such information discovered after submission of its bid or after award. The contracting officer shall evaluate such information and shall exclude any prospective contractor if the contracting officer determines the prospective contractor has a potential conflict of interest that is both significant and cannot be avoided or otherwise resolved. If, after award, the contracting officer determines that a conflict of interest exists that is both significant and cannot be avoided or resolved, the contract will be terminated for cause.

(d) Contractors and subcontractors may not be technical assistance providers to community members of RABs/TRCs at an installation where they are performing cleanup activities for the Federal or State government or any other entity.