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Title 32 Part 807

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Title 32: National Defense

§807.1   General requirements.

(a) Unaltered Air Force publications and forms will be made available to the public with or without charge, subject to the requirements of this part. Base Chiefs of Information Management will set up procedures to meet these needs and will make available Master Publications Libraries for public use according to AFR 4-61. They will also advise requesters that these libraries are available, since in many cases this will satisfy their needs and reduce workloads in processing sales requests. If the item is on sale by the Superintendent of Documents, GPO, refer the request to that outlet. Refer general public requests for Air Force administrative publications and forms to the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Defense Publication Section, US Department of Commerce, 4285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161-0001.

(b) The Air Force does not consider these unaltered publications and forms as records, within the meaning of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as outlined in 5 U.S.C. 552 and implemented by part 806 of this chapter. Refer requests that invoke the FOIA to the chief, base information management, for processing.

(c) Units will process requests under the Foreign Military Sales Program (FMS) as specified in AFR 4-71, chapter 11.

(d) Units will send requests from foreign governments, their representatives, or international organizations to the MAJCOM foreign disclosure policy office and to HQ USAF/CVAII, Washington DC 20330-5000. Also send information copies of such requests to the base public affairs office. Commands will supplement this requirement to include policies pertaining to those items for which they have authority to release.

(e) Units will return a request for non-Air Force items to the requester for submission to appropriate agency.

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§807.2   Charges for publications and forms.

(a) The Air Force applies charges to all requests unless specifically excluded.

(b) The Air Force applies charges according to part 813, Schedule of Fees for Copying, Certifying, and Searching Records and Other Documentary Material. Additional guidance is in part 812, User Charges, including specific exclusion from charges as listed in §812.5. As indicated, the list of exclusions is not all inclusive and recommendations for additional exclusions are sent to the office of primary responsibility for part 812 of this chapter.

(c) When a contractor requires publications and forms to perform a contract, the Air Force furnishes them without charge, if the government contracting officer approves these requirements.

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§807.3   Requests for classified material, For Official Use Only material, accountable forms, storage safeguard forms, Limited (L) distribution items, and items with restrictive distribution caveats.

(a) Classified material. The unit receiving the requests should tell the requester that the Air Force cannot authorize the material for release because it is currently and properly classified in the interest of national security as authority by Executive Order, and must be protected from unauthorized disclosure.

(b) For Official Use Only (FOUO) material. The office of primary responsibility for the material will review these requests to determine the material's releasability.

(c) Accountable forms. The unit receiving the request will return it to the requester stating that the Air Force stringently controls these forms and cannot release them to unauthorized personnel since their misuse could jeopardize Department of Defense security or could result in fraudulent financial gain or claims against the government.

(d) Storage safeguard forms. The unit receiving these requests returns them to the requesters stating that the Air Force specially controls these forms and that they are not releasable outside the Department of Defense since they could be put to unauthorized or fraudulent use.

(e) Limited (L) distribution items are not releasable outside the Department of Defense without special review according to AFR 700-6. Units receiving these requests should refer them to the SCS manager shown in the index or on the cover of the publications. Advise the requesters of the referral.

(f) Items with restrictive distribution caveats. Some publications have restrictive distribution caveats on the cover. Follow the instructions stated and advise the requesters of the referral.

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§807.4   Availability and nonavailability of stock.

(a) Limit quantities furnished so that stock levels required for operational Air Force support are not jeopardized.

(b) If the item is not available from publishing distribution office (PDO) stock, obtain it from the Air Force Publishing Distribution Center. If the item is under revision, advise the requester that it is being revised and that no stock is available.

(c) If stocks are not available and the item is being reprinted, advise the requester that stocks are expected to be available in 90 calendar days and to resubmit at that time.

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§807.5   Processing requests.

Payment is required before shipping the requested material. Payment must be by check or money order.

(a) Upon receipt of the request, determine the cost involved and request the material.

(b) Upon receipt of the item, advise the requester to resubmit the required payment and send the material after payment is received.

(c) If the material cannot be obtained, advise the requester of the reason.

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§807.6   Depositing payments.

Obtain instructions from the local Accounting and Finance Office regarding how checks or money orders must be prepared and required procedures for depositing them.

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