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Title 32: National Defense


§1288.1   Purpose and scope.
§1288.2   Policy.
§1288.3   Definitions.
§1288.4   Responsibilities.
§1288.5   Procedures.
§1288.6   Forms and reports.
Appendix A to Part 1288—Decal Specifications

Authority: 5 U.S.C. 301; DOD Directive 5105.22, June 8, 1978.

Source: 43 FR 40806, Sept. 13, 1978, unless otherwise noted.

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§1288.1   Purpose and scope.

To prescribe policy and procedures for the registration, inspection, and marking of privately owned vehicles (POV) on Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) activities. This regulation is applicable to individuals serving in or employed by the Defense Logistics Agency, and to all other individuals subject to motor vehicle registration requirements set forth in this part 1288 and DLAR 5720.1/AR 190-5/OPNAVINST 11200.5B/AFR 125-14/MCO 5110.1B, Military Police Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision.

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§1288.2   Policy.

(a) The operation of a POV on a DLA activity constitutes a conditional privilege extended by the Head of the activity. The Heads of DLA primary level field activities (PLFA's) have the authority to supplement this regulation to implement additional controls and restraints warranted by existing conditions at a PLFA. For example, commanders of depots and supply centers may impose searches of vehicles as warranted to reduce pilferage, and protect Government interests.

(b) POV's permanently registered for operation on a DLA activity will be identified by use of one of the decals prescribed in this part 1288 (appendices A and B).

(c) The DLA vehicle decal will be valid for a period of 3 years from the year and month of issue.

(d) Activities will use DLA Form 1454, Vehicle Registration/Driver Record, as the basic vehicle registration and driver record.

(e) DLA tenant activities will comply with host installation policies and procedures for registering POV's.

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§1288.3   Definitions.

Terms used in this part 1288 are contained in DLAR 5720.1.

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§1288.4   Responsibilities.

(a) HQ DLA. (1) The command security officer, DLA (DLA-T) will provide staff supervision and assistance to DLA activities on matters concerning this part 1288.

(2) The inspector general, DLA (DLA-I) will procure, issue, and control inspector general (IG) vehicle decals in accordance with §1288.6 of this part, with the exception of the 3-year validation requirement. (Vehicles bearing such decals will be permitted entry to all DLA activities.)

(b) The heads of DLA primary level field activities will:

(1) Insure that personnel adhere to the provisions of this part 1288 when implemented.

(2) Procure, issue, and control vehicle decals in accordance with this DLAR.

(3) Periodically inform personnel of the requirements of this DLAR, DLAR 5720.1, and local requirements concerning the motor vehicle registration program.

(4) Activity/tenant employees are not considered visitors and will not be issued visitor passes. Employees operating loaner/rental vehicles may be temporarily registered in accordance with DLAR 5720.1, paragraph 3-2c.

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§1288.5   Procedures.

(a) Issuance of DLA POV decal and 3-year validation sticker. (1) One decal will be affixed to the left front bumper (operator's side) of a four-wheel vehicle. An additional decal may be placed on the rear bumper of the vehicle. For vehicles not equipped with bumpers and two-wheeled vehicles, the placement of decals will be determined locally.

(2) A 3-year validation sticker indicating the decal expiration will be issued at the same time the DLA decal is issued. Every 3 years, or following a significant change, registrants will be required to update their registration information. Evidence of compliance will be documented by the issuance and display of a new 3-year validation sticker.

(3) The validation sticker will be placed next to the DLA decal affixed to the front bumper of the vehicle. This sticker will reflect the month and year of the decal expiration, e.g., vehicles registered during the month of June 1978 will have affixed a validation sticker with the numbers “6-81”, indicating expiration of the decal at the end of June 1981. The specifications for the validation sticker will be determined locally.

(4) Decals or other media used to identify vehicles of temporary registrants or visitors will be locally prescribed.

(5) Decals will be removed from POV's by the registrant when activity registration is terminated. See DLAR 5720.1, chapter 3, for information on termination of registration.

(6) Vehicle decals will be purchased with appropriated funds for issuance at no cost to authorized users.

(b) Proof of insurance. (1) Individuals registering vehicles will certify possession of insurance per DLAR 5720.1, paragraph 3-3c.

(2) The certification contained on DLA form 1454 will, as indicated thereon, be witnessed and manifested by a signature.

(c) Vehicle inspection. (1) DLA activities located in States or jurisdictions having mandatory vehicle safety inspections will reflect the provisions of DLAR 5720.1, paragraph 3-3d, in the supplementation of this DLAR.

(2) Vehicle safety inspections are not mandatory for DLA activities located in areas not requiring such inspections.

(d) Registrant. Registrant must inform the vehicle registration office within 72 hours as information on DLA form 1454 becomes invalid.

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§1288.6   Forms and reports.

(a) DLA form 1454 will be prepared at the time of initial registration of the vehicle and will remain valid for as long as the registrant retains ownership of the vehicle and complies with registration requirements. A Privacy Act statement for use in conjunction with DLA form 1454 will be made available to the individual supplying data on the form.

(b) Data blocks 3, 4, and 14 on DLA form 1454 will be entered in ink; remaining entries will be in pencil.

(c) One copy of DLA form 1454 will also serve as the driver record of the registrant.

(d) Upon permanent change of station of the military service registrant, activity clearance procedures will provide for DLA form 1454 to be included in the registrant's military personnel folder for transmittal to the gaining activity. DLA forms 1454 for transferring civilian personnel will be forwarded to the security officer of the gaining activity.

(e) The DLA form 1454 for military personnel being discharged or separated will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel office for inclusion in the records folder for subsequent retirement.

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Appendix A to Part 1288—Decal Specifications

A. The design format of the standard DLA decal to be used for identifying POV's permanently registered for operation on DLA activities is shown in enclosure 2. The IG decal will be of the same design and color as that prescribed for the standard DLA decal except that the registration letter/number scheme will consist of the letters “IG” followed by a number. Standard DLA decals may be procured from the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks, USDB, Fort Leavenworth, Kans. 66027, which is an approved Federal printing plant. Existing stocks of decals with “DSA” inscribed will be used until exhausted.

B. The following specifications apply to the separate elements of the decal:

1. Basic construction. Decal will meet Federal Specification L-5300A, 7 Jan 70, type I, class 4, reflectivity 1.

2. Colors:

a. Background—Silver.

b. DLA emblem, field activity name, and scroll, the letters DLA, and year/date—Black.

C. Registration letters/numbers:

(1) Mandatory categories:

(a) Officer personnel—Blue.

(b) Enlisted personnel—Red.

(c) Civilian employees—Green.

(2) The following additional colors will be used to categorize registration further:

(a) Noncommissioned officer personnel—Brown.

(b) Civilian employees (nonappropriated fund), Red Cross, concessionaires, contractors, and other similar categories—Black.

3. Registration letters/numbers. For each registration category a combination of letters and number(s) separated by the DLA emblem will be used. The number-letter system will progress from AA-1 to AA-2, and so on, to AA-99, from AB-1 to AB-99, eventually from AZ-1 to AZ-99, and so on from ZZ-1 to ZZ-99.

4. Dimensions:

a. Maximum size: 3 inches by 6 inches. For economy a reduced size decal may be used on POV's to include those with less than four wheels.

b. Registration letters and numerals: 114 to 112 inches in height.

c. DLA emblem letters: 112 inches to 134 inches in height.

d. DLA letters: 12 inch to 34 inch in height.

e. Activity designation scroll and lettering: See appendix B.

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