Title 31 Part 554 → Subpart E → §554.501

Title 31 → Subtitle B → Chapter V → Part 554 → Subpart E → §554.501

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Title 31 Part 554 → Subpart E → §554.501

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Title 31Subtitle BChapter VPart 554Subpart E → §554.501

Title 31: Money and Finance: Treasury
Subpart E—Licenses, Authorizations, and Statements of Licensing Policy

§554.501   General and specific licensing procedures.

For provisions relating to licensing procedures, see part 501, subpart E of this chapter. Licensing actions taken pursuant to part 501 of this chapter with respect to the prohibitions contained in this part are considered actions taken pursuant to this part. General licenses and statements of licensing policy relating to this part also may be available through the Burundi sanctions page on OFAC's Web site: www.treasury.gov/ofac.