Title 31 Part 700

Title 31 → Subtitle B → Chapter VII → Part 700

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Title 31 Part 700

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Title 31Subtitle BChapter VII → Part 700

Title 31: Money and Finance: Treasury


§700.2   Applicability.

The regulations in this part apply to the buildings and surrounding property of the FLETC, Glynco, Georgia; Artesia, New Mexico; FLECT's Washington Office; any other temporary site FLETC may occupy; and to all persons entering such buildings or property.

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§700.3   Recording presence.

Except as otherwise ordered, the property shall be closed to the general public. Admission to the property will be limited to authorized individuals who will be required to obtain a visitor's pass and/or display identification documents, in accordance with FLETC policy.

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§700.4   Preservation of property.

It shall be unlawful for any person without proper authority to willfully destroy, damage, deface, or remove property (including Federal records) or any part thereof or any furnishing therein.

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§700.5   Compliance with signs and directions.

Persons in and on the property shall comply with the instructions of uniformed FLETC security officers, other authorized officials, official signs of a prohibitory or directory nature, and all applicable statutes and regulations.

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§700.6   Nuisances.

The use of loud, abusive, or profane language, except as part of an authorized practical training exercise, unwarranted loitering, unauthorized assembly, the creation of any hazard to persons or things, improper disposal of rubbish, or the commission of any disorderly conduct on the property is prohibited. Prohibited actions in the preceding sentence are limited to those actions which impede, obstruct, or otherwise interfere with the Government's business which includes, among other things, the maintenance of the facility, protection of persons and property, and the smooth administration of academic activities and supporting services. The entry, without specific permission, upon any part of the property to which authorized visitors do not customarily have access, is prohibited.

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§700.7   Alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and drugs.

Entering or being on the property, or operating a motor vehicle thereon, by a person under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, hallucinogenic or dangerous drugs, or marijuana is prohibited. The possession or use of any unlawful drug or substance contrary to the provisions of Federal, State, or local law in or on the property is prohibited.

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§700.8   Soliciting, vending, debt collection and distribution of handbills.

The unauthorized soliciting for charity and contributions, commercial soliciting and vending of all kinds, the display or distribution of commercial advertising, or the collecting of private debts, other than legal service of process, in or on the property, is prohibited. This prohibition does not apply to Federal Law Enforcement Training Center concessions or notices posted by authorized employees on the bulletin boards. Distribution of material such as pamphlets, handbills, and flyers is prohibited without prior approval of the Director.

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§700.9   Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes.

Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes may be taken on the property only with the prior permission of the Director. Taking photographs of a student is prohibited without the consent of the student.

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§700.10   Vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

(a) Drivers of all vehicles on the property shall drive in a careful and safe manner at all times and shall comply with the signals and directions of security officers and all posted traffic signs. All persons on the property must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws. All drivers operating a vehicle on property roadways must possess a valid driver's license.

(b) The blocking of entrances, driveways, walks, loading platforms, or fire-hydrants in or on the property is prohibited.

(c) Parking is permitted only in authorized locations.

(d) This section may be supplemented from time to time by the Director by the issuance and posting of traffic directives. When so issued and posted, such directives shall have the same force and effect as if made a part hereof.

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§700.11   Weapons and explosives.

No person, while on the property, shall carry firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, or explosives, either openly or concealed, except for authorized training or official purposes, in accordance with FLETC regulations.

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§700.12   Authority to search persons and vehicles.

Persons and vehicles entering upon FLETC facilities are subject to search by authorized security officers.

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§700.13   Nondiscrimination.

(a) No one entering upon FLETC property shall discriminate against or harass any other person on such property, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability, Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and is expressly prohibited.

(b) Appropriate action will be taken against any person who violates any discrimination prohibition contained in paragraph (a) of this section. However, this section does not create any legal rights enforceable against the Department of the Treasury, its officers, or employees, or any other person. Although this section does not create any enforceable rights, actions in violation of the section may still result in civil or criminal action in accordance with applicable laws.

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§700.14   Smoking.

Smoking of cigarettes, cigars and pipes is prohibited in all FLETC buildings and vehicles.

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