Title 29 Part 4022 → Subpart G → §4022.103

Title 29 → Subtitle B → Chapter XL → Subchapter D → Part 4022 → Subpart G → §4022.103

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Title 29 Part 4022 → Subpart G → §4022.103

§4022.103   Who will get benefits if I die when payments for future periods under a certain-and-continuous or similar annuity are owed upon my death?

If you die at a time when payments are owed for future periods under a form of annuity promising that, regardless of a participant's death, there will be annuity payments for a certain period of time (e.g., a certain-and-continuous annuity) or until a certain amount is paid (e.g., a cash-refund annuity or installment-refund annuity), and there is no surviving beneficiary designated to receive such payments, we will pay the remaining payments to the person determined under the rules in §4022.93.