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Title 26 Part 1 → §1.613-6

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Title 26: Internal Revenue

§1.613-6   Statement to be attached to return when depletion is claimed on percentage basis.

In addition to the requirements set forth in paragraph (g) of §1.611-2, a taxpayer who claims the percentage depletion deduction under section 613 for any taxable year shall attach to his return for such year a statement setting forth in complete, summary form, with respect to each property for which such deduction is allowable, the following information:

(a) All data necessary for the determination of the gross income from the property, as defined in §§1.613-3 from 1.613-4, including:

(1) Amounts paid as rents or royalties including amounts which the recipient treats under section 631(c),

(2) Proportion and amount of bonus excluded, and

(3) Amounts paid to holders of other interests in the mineral deposit.

(b) All additional data necessary for the determination of the taxable income from the property (computed without the allowance for depletion), as defined in §1.613-5.

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