Title 22 Part 906 → §906.7

Title 22 → Chapter IX → Part 906 → §906.7

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Title 22 Part 906 → §906.7

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Title 22Chapter IXPart 906 → §906.7

Title 22: Foreign Relations

§906.7   Conduct of hearing.

(a) Authorized attendance. The parties and, as determined by the Board, a reasonable number of representatives of the parties are entitled to be present at the hearing. The Board may, after considering the views of the parties and of any other individuals connected with the grievance, decide that a hearing should be open to others. No person shall be permitted to attend the hearing when classified material is being discussed unless that person possesses the appropriate security clearance.

(b) Procedure. Hearings shall be conducted by the presiding member so as to assure a full and fair proceeding. The Board shall not be limited by the legal rules of evidence. However, the presiding member shall exclude irrelevant, immaterial, or unduly repetitive evidence. The Board may require the parties to designate one of their representatives as principal spokesperson.

(c) Order of presentation. In cases involving disciplinary action, including separation for cause cases, the Agency will ordinarily present its case first and will retain that order of precedence throughout the hearing. In other cases the grievant will ordinarily present his or her case first and will retain that order of precedence throughout the hearing.

(d) Evidence. Subject to the presiding member's rulings on the relevancy, materiality, and repetitious nature of evidence, the parties may offer such evidence, including interrogatories, depositions and Agency records as they desire. The shall produce such additional evidence as the presiding member shall consider relevant and material. Where deemed appropriate by the Board, the parties may be supplied only with a summary or extract of classified material (also see §903.9 of this chapter).

(e) Testimony. Testimony at a hearing shall be given under oath or affirmation.

(f) Transcript. A verbatim transcript shall be made of any hearing and shall be part of the record of proceedings.

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