Title 22 Part 505 → §505.8

Title 22 → Chapter V → Part 505 → §505.8

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Title 22 Part 505 → §505.8

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Title 22Chapter VPart 505 → §505.8

Title 22: Foreign Relations

§505.8   Agency review of requests for changes.

(a) In reviewing a record in response to a request to amend or correct a file, we will incorporate the criteria of accuracy, relevance, timeliness, and completeness of the record in the review.

(b) If we agree with you to amend your records, we will:

(1) Advise you in writing;

(2) Correct the record accordingly;

(3) And, to the extent that an accounting of disclosure was maintained, advise all previous recipients of the record of the corrections.

(c) If we disagree with all or any portion of your request to amend a record, we will:

(1) Advise you of the reasons for the determination; and

(2) Inform you of your right to further review (see Sec. 505.9).

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