Title 22 Part 41 → Subpart F → §41.59

Title 22 → Chapter I → Subchapter E → Part 41 → Subpart F → §41.59

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Title 22 Part 41 → Subpart F → §41.59

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Title 22Chapter ISubchapter EPart 41Subpart F → §41.59

Title 22: Foreign Relations
Subpart F—Business and Media Visas

§41.59   Professionals under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

(a) Requirements for classification as a NAFTA professional. An alien shall be classifiable under the provisions of INA 214(e) if:

(1) The consular officer is satisfied that the alien qualifies under the provisions of that section; and

(2) The alien shall have presented to the consular officer sufficient evidence of an offer of employment in the United States requiring employment of a person in a professional capacity consistent with NAFTA Chapter 16 Annex 1603 Appendix 1603.D.1 and sufficient evidence that the alien possesses the credentials of that profession as listed in said appendix; or

(3) The alien is the spouse or child of an alien so classified in accordance with paragraph (a)(2) of this section and is accompanying or following to join the principal alien.

(b) Visa validity. The period of validity of a visa issued pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section may not exceed the period established on a reciprocal basis.

(c) Temporary entry. Temporary entry means an entry into the United States without the intent to establish permanent residence. The alien must satisfy the consular officer that the proposed stay is temporary. A temporary period has a reasonable, finite end that does not equate to permanent residence. The circumstances surrounding an application should reasonably and convincingly indicate that the alien's temporary work assignment in the United States will end predictably and that the alien will depart upon completion of the assignment.

(d) Labor disputes. Citizens of Canada or Mexico shall not be entitled to classification under this section if the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Labor have certified that:

(1) There is in progress a strike or lockout in the course of a labor dispute in the occupational classification at the place or intended place of employment; and

(2) The alien has failed to establish that the alien's entry will not affect adversely the settlement of the strike or lockout or the employment of any person who is involved in the strike or lockout.

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