Title 22 Part 41 → Subpart F → §41.54

Title 22 → Chapter I → Subchapter E → Part 41 → Subpart F → §41.54

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Title 22 Part 41 → Subpart F → §41.54

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Title 22Chapter ISubchapter EPart 41Subpart F → §41.54

Title 22: Foreign Relations
Subpart F—Business and Media Visas

§41.54   Intracompany transferees (executives, managers, and specialized knowledge employees).

(a) Requirements for L classification. An alien shall be classifiable under the provisions of INA section 101(a)(15)(L) if:

(1) The consular officer is satisfied that the alien qualifies under that section; and either

(2) In the case of an individual petition, the consular officer has received official evidence of the approval by DHS of a petition to accord such classification or of the extension by DHS of the period of authorized stay in such classification; or

(3) In the case of a blanket petition,

(i) The alien has presented to the consular officer official evidence of the approval by DHS of a blanket petition listing only those intracompany relationships and positions found to qualify under INA section 101(a)(15)(L);

(ii) The alien is otherwise eligible for L-1 classification pursuant to the blanket petition; and,

(iii) The alien requests that he or she be accorded such classification for the purpose of being transferred to, or remaining in, qualifying positions identified in such blanket petition; or

(4) The consular officer is satisfied the alien is the spouse or child of an alien so classified and is accompanying or following to join the principal alien.

(b) Petition approval. The approval of a petition by DHS does not establish that the alien is eligible to receive a nonimmigrant visa.

(c) Alien not entitled to L-1 classification under individual petition. The consular officer must suspend action on the alien's application and submit a report to the approving DHS office if the consular officer knows or has reason to believe that an alien applying for a visa as the beneficiary of an approved individual petition under INA section 101(a)(15)(L) is not entitled to such classification as approved.

(d) Labor disputes. Citizens of Canada or Mexico shall not be entitled to classification under this section if the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Labor have certified that:

(1) There is in progress a strike or lockout in the course of a labor dispute in the occupational classification at the place or intended place of employment; and,

(2) The alien has failed to establish that the alien's entry will not affect adversely the settlement of the strike or lockout or the employment of any person who is involved in the strike or lockout.

(e) Alien not entitled to L-1 classification under blanket petition. The consular officer shall deny L classification based on a blanket petition if the documentation presented by the alien claiming to be a beneficiary thereof does not establish to the satisfaction of the consular officer that

(1) The alien has been continuously employed by the same employer, an affiliate or a subsidiary thereof, for one year within the three years immediately preceding the application for the L visa;

(2) The alien was rendering services in a capacity that is managerial, executive, or involves specialized knowledge throughout that year; or

(3) The alien is destined to render services in such a capacity, as identified in the petition and in an organization listed in the petition.

(f) Former exchange visitor. Former exchange visitors who are subject to the two-year foreign residence requirement of INA section 212(e) are ineligible to apply for visas under INA section 101(a)(15)(L) until they have fulfilled the residence requirement or obtained a waiver of the requirement.

[77 FR 8120, Feb. 14, 2012]