Title 22 Part 201 → Subpart H → §201.73

Title 22 → Chapter II → Part 201 → Subpart H → §201.73

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Title 22 Part 201 → Subpart H → §201.73

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Title 22Chapter IIPart 201Subpart H → §201.73

Title 22: Foreign Relations
Subpart H—Rights and Responsibilities of Banks

§201.73   Limitations on the responsibilities of banks.

The following general limitations on the responsibilities of banks issuing, advising, or confirming letters of credit and making payments under letters of credit or otherwise shall apply.

(a) Sufficiency and completeness of documents. Any document, including the Supplier's Certificate and the Commodity Approval Application, submitted by a bank to USAID in support of a claim for reimbursement, shall be sufficient if it purports to be the sort required to be delivered and if it has been accepted by the bank in the ordinary course of business in good faith. Except as may be required in the discharge of its responsibilities under §201.72 (b) and (c), the bank's right of reimbursement shall not be affected by the fact that any document required to be submitted by it is incomplete or may indicate noncompliance with any provision of this part.

(b) Reimbursement right notwithstanding certain deficiencies. A bank's right to reimbursement from USAID for payments which the bank has made will not be affected by the fact that the Commodity Approval Application or the Invoice-and-Contract Abstract on the reverse of the Supplier's Certificate may be incomplete, or may indicate noncompliance with any provision of this part 201, the letter of commitment, or any other implementing document, or may be inconsistent with other documents required for reimbursement.

(c) Nonresponsibility of bank for truth or accuracy of statements or certifications. The bank shall not be responsible for the truth or accuracy of any information or statement contained in any Supplier's Certificate or any other document certification to be submitted by it to USAID, notwithstanding any knowledge or information in the actual or constructive possession of the bank to the contrary. The bank shall not be obligated to look beyond the documents, including any certifications endorsed thereon, to be submitted by it or to make any independent investigation as to the truth or accuracy of any information or statement contained therein.

(d) Protection of bank making payment. Acceptance by the bank of any document in the ordinary course of business in good faith as being a genuine and valid document and sufficient in the premises, and the delivery thereof to USAID, shall constitute full compliance by the bank with any provision of this part, the letter of commitment requiring delivery of a document of the sort that the document actually so delivered purports to be. The bank shall be entitled to receive and retain reimbursement of the amount of all payments made by it against documents so accepted, notwithstanding that such payments may be made in connection with a purchase in excess of the price calculated in accordance with the applicable provisions of subpart G.

(e) Payment to third persons. The bank's right of reimbursement shall not be affected by the fact that payment is made to the approved applicant or at the request of the approved applicant or such beneficiary to a person other than the supplier under the contract to which such payment relates, if the bank has complied with all other requirements of the letter of commitment and has satisfied itself in good faith that the person to whom it makes payment has, in turn, made payment to the supplier.

(f) Bank procedures with regard to certain suppliers. In the event a bank receives written advice from USAID concerning special conditions which are applicable to transactions of particular suppliers, such bank will use reasonable care to maintain procedures designed to ensure that accommodations thereafter furnished by it with respect to such suppliers by means of the issuance, confirmation, advising or transfer of letters of credit, or the making of payments not under letters of credit shall reflect such special conditions. While banks are expected to comply with the foregoing obligation, a bank which has used reasonable care to establish and maintain such procedures will not be responsible for any inadvertent furnishing of any such accommodation not containing applicable special conditions or the making of payment thereunder. For the purpose of ascertaining whether the supplier is a person or organization subject to an USAID advice concerning special conditions applicable to its transactions under this paragraph, a bank, in making payment under a letter of credit or otherwise, may consider as supplier the person or organization issuing the invoice.

(g) Provision of implementing documents. A bank shall not be responsible for compliance with any provision of an implementing document other than a letter of commitment.