Title 22 Part 201 → Subpart B → §201.13

Title 22 → Chapter II → Part 201 → Subpart B → §201.13

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Title 22 Part 201 → Subpart B → §201.13

§201.13   Eligibility of delivery services.

(a) General. Delivery of USAID-financed commodities may be financed under the implementing document provided the delivery services meet the requirements of this section and the applicable provisions in part 228, subpart C of this chapter.

(b) Transportation costs. USAID will not finance transportation costs:

(1) For shipment beyond the point of entry in the cooperating country except when intermodal transportation service covering the carriage of cargo from point of origin to destination is used, and the point of destination, as stated in the carrier's through bill of lading, is established in the carrier's tariff; or

(2) On a transportation medium owned, operated or under the control of any country not included in Geographic Code 935; or

(3) Under any ocean or air charter covering full or part cargo (whether for a single voyage, consecutive voyages, or a time period) which has not received prior approval by USAID/W, Office of Procurement, Transportation Division); or

(4) Which are attributable to brokerage commissions which exceed the limitations specified in §201.65(h) or to address commissions, dead freight, demurrage or detention.

(c) Inspection services. USAID will finance inspection of USAID-financed commodities when inspection is required by USAID, or in those cases where inspection is required by the importer and such inspection is specified in the purchase contract, performed by independent inspectors and is either customary in export transactions for the commodity involved or is necessary to determine conformity of the commodities to the contract. Section 228.24 of this chapter covers the nationality requirements for suppliers of inspection services.

(d) Marine insurance. (1) Unless otherwise authorized, USAID will finance premiums for marine insurance including war risk on USAID-financed commodities only if:

(i) The insurance is placed in a country included in the authorized Geographic Code: Provided, that if the authorized Geographic Code is any other than USAID Geographic Code 000, the cooperating country itself shall be recognized as an eligible source; and

(ii) Such insurance is placed either in accordance with the terms of the commodity purchase contract or on the written instructions of the importer; and

(iii) Insurance coverage relates only to the period during which the commodities are in transit to the cooperating country, except that it may include coverage under a warehouse-to-warehouse clause; and

(iv) The premiums do not exceed the limitations contained in §201.68; and

(v) The insurance provides that loss payment proceeds shall be paid in U.S. dollars or other freely convertible currency.

(2) Within the meaning of §201.11(e), as well as this paragraph, insurance is placed in a country only if payment of the insurance premium is made to, and the insurance policy is issued by, an insurance company office located in that country.

(e) Suspension and debarment. In order to be eligible for USAID financing, the costs of any delivery services must be paid to carriers, insurers, or suppliers of inspection services who, prior to approval of the USAID Commodity Approval Application, have neither been suspended nor debarred under USAID Regulation 8, 22 CFR part 208, nor included on the “Lists of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement or Nonprocurement Programs” published by the U.S. General Services Administration.

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