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Title 22 Part 123 → §123.3

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Title 22: Foreign Relations

§123.3   Temporary import licenses.

(a) A license (DSP-61) issued by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls is required for the temporary import and subsequent export of unclassified defense articles, unless exempted from this requirement pursuant to §123.4. This requirement applies to:

(1) Temporary imports of unclassified defense articles that are to be returned directly to the country from which they were shipped to the United States;

(2) Temporary imports of unclassified defense articles in transit to a third country;

(b) A bond may be required as appropriate (see part 125 of this subchapter for license requirements for technical data and classified defense articles.)

(c) A DSP-61 license may be obtained by a U.S. importer in satisfaction of §123.4(c)(4) of this subchapter. If a foreign exporter requires documentation for a permanent import, the U.S. importer must contact the Department of Justice's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for the appropriate documentation. A DSP-61 will not be approved to support permanent import requirements.

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