Title 18 Part 1304 → Subpart C → §1304.201

Title 18 → Chapter XIII → Part 1304 → Subpart C → §1304.201

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Title 18 Part 1304 → Subpart C → §1304.201

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Title 18Chapter XIIIPart 1304Subpart C → §1304.201

Title 18: Conservation of Power and Water Resources
Subpart C—TVA-Owned Residential Access Shoreland

§1304.201   Applicability.

This subpart addresses residential-related (all private, noncommercial uses) construction activities along and across shoreland property owned by the United States and under the custody and control of TVA. Individual residential landowners wishing to construct facilities, clear vegetation and/or maintain an access corridor on adjacent TVA-owned lands are required to apply for and obtain a permit from TVA before conducting any such activities.

(a) This subpart applies to the following TVA-reservoir shoreland classifications:

(1) TVA-owned shorelands over which the adjacent residential landowner holds rights of ingress and egress to the water (except where a particular activity is specifically excluded by an applicable real estate document), including, at TVA's discretion, cases where the applicant owns access rights across adjoining private property that borders on and benefits from rights of ingress and egress across TVA-owned shoreland.

(2) TVA-owned shorelands designated in current TVA Reservoir Land Management Plans as open for consideration of residential development; and

(3) On reservoirs not having a current approved TVA Reservoir Land Management Plan at the time of application, TVA-owned shorelands designated in TVA's property forecast system as “reservoir operations property,” identified in a subdivision plat recorded prior to September 24, 1992, and containing at least one water-use facility developed prior to September 24, 1992.

(b) Construction of structures, access corridors, and vegetation management activities by owners of adjacent upland residential property shall not be allowed on any TVA-owned lands other than those described in one or more of the classifications identified in paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Flowage easement shoreland. Except as otherwise specifically provided in subpart D of this part, this subpart C does not apply to shoreland where TVA's property interest is ownership of a flowage easement. The terms of the particular flowage easement and subparts A, B, D, and E of this part govern the use of such property.