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Title 18: Conservation of Power and Water Resources

§301.6   Appendix 1 instructions.

(a) Appendix 1 is the form on which a Utility reports its Contract System Cost, Contract System Load, and other necessary data for the calculation of ASC. Appendix 1 is an electronic template consisting of seven schedules and several supporting files that must be completed by the Utility in accordance with these instructions and with the provisions of the endnotes following the schedules.

(b) Appendix 1 filings must be accompanied by an attestation statement of the Chief Financial Officer of the Utility or other responsible official who possesses the financial and accounting knowledge necessary to complete the attestation statement.

(c) The primary source of data for the Investor-owned Utilities' Appendix 1 filings is the Utility's prior year FERC Form 1 filings with the Commission. Any items not applicable to the Utility must be identified.

(d) For Consumer-owned Utilities that do not follow the Commission's Uniform System of Accounts, filings must include reconciliation between Utility Accounts and the items allowed as Contract System Cost. In addition, the cost-of-service report must be reviewed by an independent accounting or consulting firm, and must be accompanied by a report from that independent accounting or consulting firm that outlines the review work that was performed in preparing the cost-of-service report along with an assurance statement that the information contained in the cost-of-service report is presented fairly in all material respects.

(e) The Appendix 1 template is available electronically at http://www.bpa.gov/corporate/finance/ascm/. The primary schedules are:

(1) Schedule 1: Plant Investment/Rate Base

(2) Schedule 1A: Cash Working Capital

(3) Schedule 2: Capital Structure and Rate of Return

(4) Schedule 3: Expenses

(5) Schedule 3A: Taxes

(6) Schedule 3B: Other Included Items

(7) Schedule 4: Average System Cost

(f) The filing Utility must reference and attach work papers, documentation and other required information that support costs and loads, including details of allocation and functionalization. All references to the Commission's Accounts are to the Commission's Uniform System of Accounts, as amended by subsequent Commission actions. The costs includable in the attached schedules are those includable by reason of the definitions in the Commission's Accounts. If the Commission's Accounts are later revised or renumbered, any changes will be incorporated into the Appendix 1 by reference, except to the extent Bonneville determines that a particular change results in a change in the type of costs allowable for Residential Exchange Program purposes. In that event, Bonneville will address the changes, including escalation rules, in its review process for the following Exchange Period.

(g) Bonneville may require a Utility to account for all transactions with affiliated entities as though the affiliated entities were owned in whole or in part by the Utility, if necessary, to properly determine and/or functionalize the Utility's costs.

(h) A Utility operating in more than one Pacific Northwest Jurisdiction must file one Appendix 1.

(i)(1) A Utility operating in a Jurisdiction within the Pacific Northwest and within Jurisdictions outside the Pacific Northwest must allocate its total system costs among its Jurisdictions within the Pacific Northwest and outside the Pacific Northwest in accord with the same allocation methods and procedures used by the Regulatory Body(ies) to establish Jurisdictional costs and resulting revenue requirements. The Utility's Appendix filing must include details of the allocation.

(2) The allocation must exclude all costs of additional resources used to meet loads outside the Pacific Northwest, as required by section 5(c)(7) of the Northwest Power Act. All schedule entries and supporting data must be in accord with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Practices as these principles and practices apply to the electric utility industry.

(j) A Utility must file an attestation statement with each Appendix 1 filing and supporting documentation for each Review Period.