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Title 17 → Chapter I → Part 145 → §145.2

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Title 17 Part 145 → §145.2

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Title 17Chapter IPart 145 → §145.2

Title 17: Commodity and Securities Exchanges

§145.2   Records available for public inspection and copying; documents published and indexed.

Except as provided in §145.5, pertaining to nonpublic matters, and in addition to those documents listed in appendix A to part 145, Compilation of Commission Records Available to the Public, the following materials are available for public inspection and copying during normal business hours at the Commission's Public Reading Room, located at the principal office of the Commission in Washington, DC and at the regional offices of the Commission:

(a) A guide for requesting records or publicly available information from the Commission which includes:

(1) An index of all publicly available information of the Commission;

(2) A description of major information and record locator systems;

(3) Guidance for obtaining various types and categories of public information from the Commission;

(b) Final opinions and orders of the Commission in the adjudication of cases, including concurring and dissenting opinions;

(c) Statements of policy and interpretations which have been adopted by the Commission and are not published in the Federal Register;

(d) Records released in response to FOIA requests that have been, or the Commission anticipates will be, the subject of additional FOIA requests;

(e) Administrative manuals and instructions that affect the public; and

(f) Indices providing identifying information to the public as to the materials made available pursuant to paragraphs (a) through (e) of this section.

[62 FR 17069, Apr. 9, 1997]