Title 16 Part 1501 → §1501.4

Title 16 → Chapter II → Subchapter C → Part 1501 → §1501.4

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Title 16 Part 1501 → §1501.4

§1501.4   Size requirements and test procedure.

(a) No toy or other children's article subject to §1500.18(a)(9) and to this part 1501 shall be small enough to fit entirely within a cylinder with the dimensions shown in Figure 1, when tested in accordance with the procedure in paragraph (b) of this section. In testing to ensure compliance with this regulation, the dimensions of the Commission's test cylinder will be no greater than those shown in Figure 1. (In addition, for compliance purposes, the English dimensions shall be used. The metric approximations are included only for convenience.)

(b)(1) Place the article, without compressing it, into the cylinder. If the article fits entirely within the cylinder, in any orientation, it fails to comply with the test procedure. (Test any detached components of the article the same way.)

(2) If the article does not fit entirely within the cylinder, subject it to the appropriate “use and abuse” tests of 16 CFR 1500.51 and 1500.52 (excluding the bite tests of §§1500.51(c) and 1500.52(c)). Any components or pieces (excluding paper, fabric, yarn, fuzz, elastic, and string) which have become detached from the article as a result of the use and abuse testing shall be placed into the cylinder, one at a time. If any such components or pieces fit entirely within the cylinder, in any orientation and without being compressed, the article fails to comply with the test procedure.

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