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Title 16 Part 16 → §16.3

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Title 16: Commercial Practices

§16.3   Policy.

(a) The Commission's policy shall be to:

(1) Establish an advisory committee only when it is essential to the conduct of agency business;

(2) Insure that adequate information is provided to the Congress and the public regarding advisory committees, and that there are adequate opportunities for access by the public to advisory committee meetings;

(3) Insure that the membership of the advisory committee is balanced in terms of the points of view represented and the functions to be performed; and

(4) Terminate an advisory committee whenever the stated objectives of the committee have been accomplished; the subject matter or work of the advisory committee has become obsolete; the cost of operating the advisory committee is excessive in relation to the benefits accruing to the Commission; or the advisory committee is otherwise no longer a necessary or appropriate means to carry out the purposes for which it was established.

(b) No advisory committee may be used for functions that are not solely advisory unless specifically authorized to do so by law. The Commission shall be solely responsible for making policy decisions and determining action to be taken with respect to any matter considered by an advisory committee.