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Title 15 Part 2009 → §2009.1

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Title 15Subtitle CChapter XXPart 2009 → §2009.1

Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade

§2009.1   Information required in representation.

(a) Each representation submitted under section 422 should state clearly on the first page that the representation is a request for action with respect to the obligations of the United States under the Agreement, and should contain the following information:

(1) The foreign country making the representation, the division of the foreign country's government representing that country's interest, the person(s) within the division who is (are) coordinating the foreign country's representation.

(2) A description of the standards-related activity at issues, including, whenever possible, copies of the standards-related activity's provisions.

(3) Identification of the foreign goods or services affected by the standards-related activity at issue.

(4) A statement of how the standards-related activity concerned is alleged to violate the obligations of the United States under the Agreement. This statement shoud indicate with particularity which such obligations are alleged to be violated.

(5) Indication as to whether the foreign country has officially petitioned, filed or complained for relief concerning the same subject matter as this representation to any international forum.

(b) Each representation submitted under section 422 of the Act must contain information sufficient to provide a reasonable indication that the standards-related activity concerned is having a significant trade effect, including (but not limited to) the volume of trade in the goods concerned.

(c) Representations should be submitted in 10 copies.

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[47 FR 50207, Nov. 5, 1982]