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Title 15 → Subtitle C → Chapter XX → Part 2003 → §2003.1

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Title 15 Part 2003 → §2003.1

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Title 15Subtitle CChapter XXPart 2003 → §2003.1

Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade

§2003.1   Notice of public hearings.

The Committee shall publish in the Federal Register a notice of a proposed public hearing, the subject matter of the proposed public hearing, the period during which written briefs may be submitted, the period during which requests may be submitted to present oral testimony, and the time and place of the proposed public hearing, in the following instances:

(a) Upon publication of lists of articles by the President under section 131(a), or sections 503(a) and 131(a), of the Trade Act as a result of which public hearings are required to be held by section 133 of the Trade Act with respect to any matter relevant to a proposed trade agreement, or with respect to any matter relevant to the granting of generalized tariff preferences for the listed articles;

(b) Whenever the Special Representative or the Deputy Special Representative determines that public hearings in connection with the review of a request submitted pursuant to Part 2007 of these regulations, pertaining to the duty-free treatment accorded to articles under the GSP, are in the public interest.

(c) Upon instructions of the Special Representative.

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