Title 15 Part 2001 → §2001.0

Title 15 → Subtitle C → Chapter XX → Part 2001 → §2001.0

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Title 15 Part 2001 → §2001.0

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Title 15Subtitle CChapter XXPart 2001 → §2001.0

Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade

§2001.0   Scope and purpose.

(a) This chapter sets out terms of reference of the Office of the United States Trade Representative (hereinafter the “Office”), and the procedures whereby it carries out its general responsibilities under the trade agreements program.

(b) One of the primary purposes of these regulations is to inform the public of the unit known as the Trade Policy Staff Committee, which replaces and assumes the functions formerly performed by The Trade Staff Committee and the Trade Information Committee. One of the functions of the Trade Policy Staff Committee is to afford an opportunity for interested parties to present oral and written statements concerning the trade agreements program and related matters.