Title 13 Part 101 → Subpart A → §101.106

Title 13 → Chapter I → Part 101 → Subpart A → §101.106

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Title 13 Part 101 → Subpart A → §101.106

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Title 13Chapter IPart 101Subpart A → §101.106

Title 13: Business Credit and Assistance
Subpart A—Overview

§101.106   Does Federal law apply to SBA programs and activities?

(a) SBA makes loans and provides other services that are authorized and executed under Federal programs to achieve national purposes.

(b) The following are construed and enforced in accordance with Federal law—

(1) Instruments evidencing loans;

(2) Security interests in real or personal property payable to or held by SBA or the Administrator such as promissory notes, bonds, guarantee agreements, mortgages, and deeds of trust;

(3) Other evidences of debt or security;

(4) Contracts or agreements to which SBA is a party, unless expressly provided otherwise.

(c) To the extent feasible, SBA uses local or state procedures, especially for recordation and notification purposes, in implementing and facilitating SBA's loan programs. This use of local or state procedures is not a waiver by SBA of any Federal immunity from any local or state control, penalty, tax, or liability.

(d) No person, corporation, or organization that applies for and receives any benefit or assistance from SBA, or that offers any assurance or security upon which SBA relies for the granting of such benefit or assistance, is entitled to claim or assert any local or state law to defeat the obligation incurred in obtaining or assuring such Federal benefit or assistance.