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Title 10 → Chapter X → Part 1022 → Subpart C

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Title 10 Part 1022 → Subpart C

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Title 10Chapter XPart 1022 → Subpart C

Title 10: Energy

Subpart C—Other Requirements

§1022.21   Property management.

(a) If property in a floodplain or wetland is proposed for license, easement, lease, transfer, or disposal to non-Federal public or private parties, DOE shall:

(1) Identify those uses that are restricted under applicable floodplain or wetland regulations and attach other appropriate restrictions to the uses of the property; or

(2) Withhold the property from conveyance.

(b) Before completing any transaction that DOE guarantees, approves, regulates, or insures that is related to an area located in a floodplain, DOE shall inform any private party participating in the transaction of the hazards associated with locating facilities or structures in the floodplain.

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§1022.22   Requests for authorizations or appropriations.

It is DOE policy to indicate in any requests for new authorizations or appropriations transmitted to the Office of Management and Budget, if a proposed action is located in a floodplain or wetland and whether the proposed action is in accord with the requirements of E.O. 11988 and E.O. 11990 and this part.

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§1022.23   Applicant responsibilities.

DOE may require applicants for any use of real property (e.g., license, easement, lease, transfer, or disposal), permits, certificates, loans, grants, contract awards, allocations, or other forms of assistance or other entitlement related to activities in a floodplain or wetland to provide information necessary for DOE to comply with this part.

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§1022.24   Interagency cooperation.

If DOE and one or more agencies are directly involved in a proposed floodplain or wetland action, in accordance with DOE's NEPA or CERCLA procedures, DOE shall consult with such other agencies to determine if a floodplain or wetland assessment is required by subpart B of this part, identify the appropriate lead or joint agency responsibilities, identify the applicable regulations, and establish procedures for interagency coordination during the environmental review process.

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