Title 10 Part 850 → Subpart B → §850.10

Title 10 → Chapter III → Part 850 → Subpart B → §850.10

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Title 10 Part 850 → Subpart B → §850.10

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Title 10Chapter IIIPart 850Subpart B → §850.10

Title 10: Energy
Subpart B—Administrative Requirements

§850.10   Development and approval of the CBDPP.

(a) Preparation and submission of initial CBDPP to DOE. (1) The responsible employer at a DOE facility must ensure that a CBDPP is prepared for the facility and submitted to the appropriate Head of DOE Field Element before beginning beryllium activities, but no later than April 6, 2000 of this part.

(2) If the CBDPP has separate sections addressing the activities of multiple contractors at the facility, the Head of DOE Field Element will designate a single DOE contractor to review and approve the sections prepared by other contractors, so that a single consolidated CBDPP for the facility is submitted to the Head of DOE Field Element for review and approval.

(b) DOE review and approval. The appropriate Head of DOE Field Element must review and approve the CBDPP.

(1) The initial CBDPP and any updates are deemed approved 90 days after submission if they are not specifically approved or rejected by DOE earlier.

(2) The responsible employer must furnish a copy of the approved CBDPP, upon request, to the DOE Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security or designee, DOE program offices, and affected workers or their designated representatives.

(c) Update. The responsible employer must submit an update of the CBDPP to the appropriate Head of DOE Field Element for review and approval whenever a significant change or significant addition to the CBDPP is made or a change in contractors occurs. The Head of DOE Field Element must review the CBDPP at least annually and, if necessary, require the responsible employer to update the CBDPP.

(d) Labor Organizations. If a responsible employer employs or supervises beryllium-associated workers who are represented for collective bargaining by a labor organization, the responsible employer must:

(1) Give the labor organization timely notice of the development and implementation of the CBDPP and any updates thereto; and

(2) Upon timely request, bargain concerning implementation of this part, consistent with the Federal labor laws.

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