Title 10 Part 780 → Subpart C → §780.31

Title 10 → Chapter III → Part 780 → Subpart C → §780.31

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Title 10 Part 780 → Subpart C → §780.31

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Title 10Chapter IIIPart 780Subpart C → §780.31

Title 10: Energy
Subpart C—Application for a License Pursuant to Section 153b(2) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954

§780.31   Contents of application.

Each application shall contain, in addition to the requirements specified in §780.5, the following information:

(a) The activities in the production or utilization of special nuclear material or atomic energy to which applicant proposes to apply the patent license;

(b) The nature and purpose of the applicant's intended use of the patent license;

(c) The relationship of the invention or discovery to the authorized activities to which it is to be applied, including an estimate of the effect on such activities stemming from the grant or denial of the license;

(d) Efforts made by the applicant to obtain a patent license from the owner of the patent;

(e) Terms, if any, on which the owner of the patent proposes to grant the applicant a patent license;

(f) The terms the applicant proposes for the patent license; and

(g) A request for either a hearing or a decision on the record.