Title 10 Part 719 → Subpart D → §719.30

Title 10 → Chapter III → Part 719 → Subpart D → §719.30

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Title 10 Part 719 → Subpart D → §719.30

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Title 10Chapter IIIPart 719Subpart D → §719.30

Title 10: Energy
Subpart D—Requests From Contractor Counsel To Initiate, Defend, and Settle Legal Matters

§719.30   In what circumstances may the contractor initiate litigation, including appeals from adverse decisions?

(a) The contractor must provide written notice to Department Counsel prior to initiating litigation or appealing from adverse decisions.

(b) The contractor may not initiate litigation for which it seeks reimbursement without prior written authorization of Department Counsel.

(c) The following information must be provided to Department Counsel by the contractor prior to initiating litigation or appealing an adverse decision:

(1) Identification of the proposed parties;

(2) The nature of the proposed action;

(3) Relief sought;

(4) Venue;

(5) Proposed representation and reason for selection;

(6) An analysis of the issues and the likelihood of success, and any time limitation associated with the requested approval;

(7) The estimated costs associated with the proposed action, including whether outside counsel has agreed to a contingent fee arrangement;

(8) Whether, for any reason, the contractor will assume any part of the costs of the action;

(9) A description of any attempts to resolve the issues that would be the subject of the litigation, such as through mediation or other means of alternative dispute resolution; and

(10) A discussion regarding why initiating litigation would prove beneficial to the contractor and to the Department.