Title 10 Part 710 → Subpart B → §710.8

Title 10 → Chapter III → Part 710 → Subpart B → §710.8

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Title 10 Part 710 → Subpart B → §710.8

§710.8   Action on derogatory information.

(a) If a question arises as to the individual's access authorization eligibility, the Local Director of Security shall authorize the conduct of an interview with the individual, or other appropriate actions and, on the basis of the results of such interview or actions, may authorize the granting of the individual's access authorization. If, in the opinion of the Local Director of Security, the question as to the individual's access authorization eligibility has not been favorably resolved, the Local Director of Security shall submit the matter to the Manager with a recommendation that authority be obtained to process the individual's case under administrative review procedures set forth in this part.

(b) If the Manager agrees that unresolved derogatory information is present and that appropriate attempts to resolve such derogatory information have been unsuccessful, the Manager shall notify the Director of the proposal to conduct an administrative review proceeding, accompanied by an explanation of the security concerns and a duplicate Personnel Security File. If the Manager believes that the derogatory information has been favorably resolved, the Manager shall direct that access authorization be granted for the individual. The Manager may also direct the Local Director of Security to obtain additional information prior to deciding whether to grant the individual access authorization or to submit a request for authority to conduct an administrative review proceeding. A decision in the matter shall be rendered by the Manager within 10 calendar days of its receipt.

(c) Upon receipt of the Manager's notification, the Director shall review the matter and confer with the Manager on:

(1) The institution of administrative review proceedings set forth in §§710.20 through 710.30;

(2) The granting of access authorization; or

(3) Other actions as the Director deems appropriate.

(d) The Director shall act pursuant to one of these options within 30 calendar days of receipt of the Manager's notification unless an extension is granted by the Deputy Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security.