Title 10 Part 709 → Subpart B → §709.11

Title 10 → Chapter III → Part 709 → Subpart B → §709.11

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Title 10 Part 709 → Subpart B → §709.11

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Title 10Chapter IIIPart 709Subpart B → §709.11

Title 10: Energy
Subpart B—CI Evaluation Protocols and Protection of National Security

§709.11   Topics within the scope of a polygraph examination.

(a) DOE may ask questions in a specific incident polygraph examination that are appropriate for a CI-scope examination or that are relevant to the counterintelligence concerns with a defined foreign nexus raised by the specific incident.

(b) A CI-scope polygraph examination is limited to topics concerning the covered person's involvement in espionage, sabotage, terrorism, unauthorized disclosure of classified information, unauthorized foreign contacts, and deliberate damage to or malicious misuse of a U.S. government information or defense system.

(c) DOE may not ask questions that:

(1) Probe a covered person's thoughts or beliefs;

(2) Concern conduct that has no CI implication with a defined foreign nexus; or

(3) Concern conduct that has no direct relevance to a CI evaluation.