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Title 10 → Chapter I → Part 40 → §40.41

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Title 10 Part 40 → §40.41

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Title 10Chapter IPart 40 → §40.41

Title 10: Energy

§40.41   Terms and conditions of licenses.

(a) Each license issued pursuant to the regulations in this part shall be subject to all the provisions of the act, now or hereafter in effect, and to all rules, regulations and orders of the Commission.

(b) Neither the license nor any right under the license shall be assigned or otherwise transferred in violation of the provisions of the Act.

(c) Each person licensed by the Commission pursuant to the regulations in this part shall confine his possession and use of source or byproduct material to the locations and purposes authorized in the license. Except as otherwise provided in the license, a license issued pursuant to the regulations in this part shall carry with it the right to receive, possess, and use source or byproduct material. Preparation for shipment and transport of source or byproduct material shall be in accordance with the provisions of part 71 of this chapter.

(d) Each license issued pursuant to the regulations in this part shall be deemed to contain the provisions set forth in sections 183b.-d., of the Act, whether or not said provisions are expressly set forth in the license.

(e) The Commission may incorporate in any license at the time of issuance, or thereafter, by appropriate rule, regulation or order, such additional requirements and conditions with respect to the licensee's receipt, possession, use, and transfer of source or byproduct material as it deems appropriate or necessary in order to:

(1) Promote the common defense and security;

(2) Protect health or to minimize danger of life or property;

(3) Protect restricted data;

(4) Require such reports and the keeping of such records, and to provide for such inspections of activities under the license as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the purposes of the act and regulations thereunder.

(f)(1) Each licensee shall notify the appropriate NRC Regional Administrator, in writing, immediately following the filing of a voluntary or involuntary petition for bankruptcy under any chapter of title 11 (Bankruptcy) of the United States Code by or against:

(i) The licensee;

(ii) An entity (as that term is defined in 11 U.S.C. 101(14)) controlling the licensee or listing the license or licensee as property of the estate; or

(iii) An affiliate (as that term is defined in 11 U.S.C. 101(2)) of the licensee.

(2) This notification must indicate:

(i) The bankruptcy court in which the petition for bankruptcy was filed; and

(ii) The date of the filing of the petition.

(g) No person may commence operation of a uranium enrichment facility until the Commission verifies through inspection that the facility has been constructed in accordance with the requirements of the license. The Commission shall publish notice of the inspection results in the Federal Register.

(h) Each licensee shall ensure that Safeguards Information is protected against unauthorized disclosure in accordance with the requirements in §73.21 and the requirements of §73.22 or §73.23 of this chapter, as applicable.

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