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Title 7 Part 923 → Subpart A → §923.50

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Title 7Subtitle BChapter IXPart 923Subpart A → §923.50

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart A—Order Regulating Handling >

§923.50   Marketing policy.

(a) Each season prior to making any recommendations pursuant to §923.51, the committee shall submit to the Secretary a report setting forth its marketing policy for the ensuing season. Such marketing policy report shall contain information relative to:

(1) The estimated total production of cherries within the production area;

(2) The expected general quality and size of cherries in the production area and in other areas;

(3) The expected demand conditions for cherries in different market outlets;

(4) The expected shipments of cherries produced in the production area and in areas outside the production area;

(5) Supplies of competing commodities;

(6) Trend and level of consumer income;

(7) Other factors having a bearing on the marketing of cherries; and

(8) The type of regulations expected to be recommended during the season.

(b) In the event it becomes advisable, because of changes in the supply and demand situation for cherries, to modify substantially such marketing policy, the committee shall submit to the Secretary a revised marketing policy report setting forth the information prescribed in this section. The committee shall publicly announce the contents of each marketing policy report, including each revised marketing policy report, and copies thereof shall be maintained in the office of the committee where they shall be available for examination by growers and handlers.