Title 7 Part 900 → Subpart H → §900.306

Title 7 → Subtitle B → Chapter IX → Part 900 → Subpart H → §900.306

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Title 7 Part 900 → Subpart H → §900.306

§900.306   Notice of the referendum.

(a) The referendum agent shall at least 5 days prior to the final date for balloting:

(1) Mail to each cooperative association which has elected to cast a ballot on behalf of its producers and to each of all other known producers, a notice of the referendum which will include instructions for completing the ballot, a statement as to the time within which the ballot must be mailed to, and received by, the referendum agent, a copy of the final decision, and a ballot containing a description of the terms and conditions of the order.

(2) Give public notice of the referendum:

(i) By furnishing press releases and other information to available media of public information (including but not limited to press, radio, and television facilities) serving the area, announcing the time within which ballots must be completed and mailed to and received by the referendum agent, eligibility requirements, where additional information may be procured, and other pertinent information; and

(ii) By such other means as said agent may deem advisable.

(b) [Reserved]