Title 7 Part 3401 → Subpart A → §3401.3

Title 7 → Subtitle B → Chapter XXXIV → Part 3401 → Subpart A → §3401.3

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Title 7 Part 3401 → Subpart A → §3401.3

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Title 7Subtitle BChapter XXXIVPart 3401Subpart A → §3401.3

Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart A—General

§3401.3   Eligibility requirements.

(a) Except where otherwise prohibited by law, any land-grant college and university, State agricultural experiment station, and college, university, and Federal laboratory having a demonstrable capacity in rangeland research, as determined by the Secretary, shall be eligible to apply for and to receive a project grant under this part, provided that the applicant qualifies as a responsible grantee under the criteria set forth in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) To qualify as responsible, an applicant must meet the following standards as they relate to a particular project:

(1) Have adequate financial resources for performance, the necessary experience, organizational and technical qualifications, and facilities, or a firm commitment, arrangement, or ability to obtain such (including proposed subagreements);

(2) Be able to comply with the proposed or required completion schedule for the project;

(3) Have a satisfactory record of integrity, judgment, and performance, including, in particular, any prior performance under grants and contracts from the Federal government;

(4) Have an adequate financial management system and audit procedure which provides efficient and effective accountability and control of all property, funds, and other assets; and

(5) Be otherwise qualified and eligible to receive a research project grant under applicable laws and regulations.

(c) Any applicant who is determined to be not responsible will be notified in writing of such findings and the basis therefor.